Why running is the best thing you can do to start your day


Last night I was feeling a bit low due to some reasons. The night was sleepless . I  had anxiety accumulated inside me. From the past few months, I felt as if I had lost all the aggression.I was settling for things I did not want and I was not moving forward with my life.  I was stuck.

I had to do something to bring back that aggression and vigor so I ran while everyone else was sleeping.
I gave my everything to that run. Speed has the mystical power to motivate you.Speed can magically boost confidence that has been subdued.
When we run we loose  sleep and comfort but we challenge ourself to run a distance. To make it to the finish line we live up to the challenge overcoming pain and breathlessness . We give our everything to reach the destiny and when we cross finish line we breath heavily taking back more than we gave with the sense of victory and accomplishment. When we run we take up a challenge , loose something and overcome difficulties to complete the challenge. Inside the body,the blood, the heart,the secretions,the thoughts all gets louder to triumph after the finish
That’s what a hero does. When we run we are a hero every single day. A hero which is stronger and faster with Every run he conquers.Running is heroic and that’s why we should start every single day becoming a hero.

So start running , give up the morning sleep & laziness ,be a hero and tell your friends why running is the best thing to start your day.

Good Luck!

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