What’s your take on this suggestion for “Swachh Bharat” ?-An Open Letter to PM Narendra Modi


Mr. Narendra Modi

Prime minister, India

Subject- A suggestion for your “Swachh Bharat” mission


First of all i would like to thank you for the contribution you are making toward our country and i really liked the “Swachh Bharat” initiative in which i am also contributing at my own level , i just confronted few incidents recently which made me rethink on Swachh Bharat and i realized a broader prospective to look at “Swachh Bharat” right now we are myopic in defining the term “Swachh Bharat”.

I just want to narrate few incidents and provide you some suggestion

#1. I work in a reputed cargo company, on an odd day my client required urgent delivery , we dispatched the vehicle to the client located 65 kms from us. The vehicle reached the client city  at 6:00 pm but got halted due to ‘No Entry for commercial vehicles’ . The no entry was upto 10:00 pm so there was no possibility to deliver to the client till 10:00 pm.

I was getting phone calls continuously from the client as he needed the material urgent but i expressed my inability to deliver. The client complained to my management, i got a call from my management and he asked me the reason , i explained him the whole situation ” he said what are you doing i want delivery in half an hour” i said ” how”  and the reply which i got ” sau(100) pachaas(50) deke jaise bhi ho vehicle ko clear karvao” it really took me by surprise ” what, aisa ho sakta kya 100- 50 deke sirf hamare truck ko jaane denge kya?’ he said ” ha or kya”

I again got phone call from a person who is superior in post from other person and he also gave the same solution ” sau pachaas deke kaise bhi nikalo” then i got call from the client and he said ” jaise bhi ho sau (100)- do sau(200) deke karva lo yaar”

I was amazed that “aisa bhi hota hai” can a heavy vehicle pass through no entry  and everyone was so tempted to bribe the policemen be it management be it client.

Finally I dropped the suggestion of ” sau- pachaas” and delivered the material late.

#2. I  was returning from Goa with my friends in a taxi. We had one liquor bottle  with a permit to take it to other state, on check post the cop asked ” koi batli hai tumhare pas?” we produced the permit to him ” fine lagega isko 2000 ka” he said , we requested him that we have a permit than which fine are you talking about ? ” zaada behas nhi karne ka 2000 ka fine bharo” then with lot of bargaining we rescued ourself with an amount of Rs 200, then on the next checkpost again we encountered a cop he said the same thing and we could just get rid of him in Rs 500, we have just spent the amount equal to the MRP on the bottle.

These are the two situation in one we were eager to bribe and in the other we were forced to bribe.

Coming back to Swachh Bharat what i realized is that country needs to be cleaned from the pollution named corruption which has gripped the whole nation. Most of the encounter with the cops and politicians end with a bribe.

We get caught  by traffic cop- We Bribe

We want a licence- We Bribe

We want a Passport-We Bribe

We want to file an FIR-We Bribe

We want an admission- We Bribe

We want a Job- We Bribe

We want an Abortion- We Bribe

We want to win Election-We Bribe

Sir its a pathetic situation where bribing seems most convenient option  and we citizens are now endorsing it and there is no check by the government can’t we have proper measures taken , an independent govt body to which we can make complaints for corrupt politicians and cops, can’t we have cctv installed on traffic signals properly monitored by officials , can’t officials in civil get to the locations and catch the corrupt cops, it is a very sad situation in which we have to check our pockets if by chance we get to visit the police station, why filing an FIR requires so much bakwaas interrogation and money  who’s gonna check all this , why we citizen fear to go to the police station.

My  request to you is to initiate ‘Swachh Bharat’ campaign with a vision to clean India from all such filthiness and dirtiness present as citizens need this more ,then only Swachh Bharat could be achieved . Kindly take some steps in cleaning corruption , i have expressed this to you just because you are the only flamboyant leader who really can act in this direction otherwise till now i  wasalso a firm believer of the Indian tagline ” Saala Pura System Hi corrupt hai”

People kindly share this suggestion if you also agree to the same so that it reaches more and more people.


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