What If Hollywood Celebrities Endorse Desi Products,These Crazy Endorsements Will Make You Rofl

Recently Pierce Brosnan stunned us by appearing in a full-page ad of ‘Pan-Bahar’ continuing the trend we imagined some more Hollywood celebrities endorse some of our very dear desi brands. Just have a look at this crazy mismatch 🙂

1. Dwayne Jhonson(The Rock)

He looks convincing in assuring good health and higher output of the cattle 😛


2.Robert Downey Jr.(Iron Man)

Best guy to endorse this 😛f8

3. Jim Carrey

No more constipated face, have Kayam Churna!


4.Naomi Campbell

*Overwhelmed* Surakshit kaale mere baal Vasmol ne kiya kamaal!f5

5.Nicole Kidman

No! she doesn’t use it on face 😛


6.Lady Gaga

“Angg Angg Bhadkau :P”


7.Tom Cruise

His strong intact teeth giving testimony 😛


8.Leonardo Dicaprio(Titanic Wala)

 “Water Leakage” can be disastrous! Who knows Better 😛


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