10 weird jobs that exists in the world

We are too busy with our mundane jobs and we are very short of time but eventually there are some weird jobs that got created in the world which we can’t think of and surprisingly they all are paying well above what we get so just check out such weird jobs that exists in the world.

1.Towel Sniffers


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You don’t need any education qualification but a good sense of smell.Towell sniffers smells paper towels to ensure they are odorless because paper towels with any kind of odour do not sell well.For just smelling they earn around 1000$ a week

People around them have huge responsibility of using a good deo and smell good 😉

2.Bed Tester


If you are a lazy ass this can be your dream job. You go to the work to get in the bed again and lay comfortably .You are requred to test how comfortable the bed is since this is the only thing a machine cannot tell.Bed testers can work part time and can earn 1000-2000$ a month.One can even earn 50000$ a year while working long hours.

3.Golf Ball Diver

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The job is to retrieve golf balls which are being shot into the ponds of golf course.The divers goes into the pond with full costumes and gears and search for balls from every nooks and corner of the Pond.The divers face challenges in the form of stink, snakes and allegators but it’s okay for them unless they are paid well. A golf diver can earn 50000 to 100000$ a year.

4.Fake Barati

 fake barati

In India wedding is celebrated extravagantly and in that baraat is an important occasion in which the groom accompanied by his friends and relatives reaches bride’s place with a carnival atmosphere dancing to the punjabi and bollywood songs. Some don’t have enough family and friends so People are required in baraat to make the baraat look crowded and happening so there are services which rents baraati.One can work par-time for them and can earn 500-1000 Rs for attending one baraat. Rate varies from normal to good looking suited booted baraatis.

5.Fake Executives


Fake executives are hired mostly from western countries.They are hired for attending events,meetings,deliver speeches also company  show off their connection with the western world to the clients.This is a common practice in china where company having a foreign connection is given good weightage.

6.Dog Food Taster


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Yes! you heard that right.Dog food is tasted by humans.A dog food taster checks for the taste and ingredients so that the dogs can get a tasty , healthy meal.The dog tasters earn between 30000$ to 70000$ a year which is surely not bad as it tastes.

7.Sex Toy Tester



The sex toy also needs a test so again human are required to feel the pleasure and reach the orgasm. Cara Houiellebecq ,a women professional sex toy tester tests sex toys for adult companies. She also reviews toys on her blog.A women gets about 15 orgasms a week all working as a tester.A sex toy tester can earn 15000 pounds a year.

8.Professional Snuggler


Professional snuggler provides you all the love and care that one need which relieves you psychologically.They cuddle,pat,kiss,and hug you to make you feel loved and enchanted.Professional snugglers earn between 80-100$ per hour.

9.Live Mannequin

live mannequin

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Because dummies are too mainstream live mannequins are taking over.Some stores hire models to pose as mannequin. they earn upto 100$ an hour.The task is not that easy as it requires to stand still in the required pose for an hour  with public staring at you.

10.Rectal Thermometer Tester

images recta-thermo

Jhonson & Jhonson who is the largest manufacturer of rectal thermometer claims that all the rectal thermometers are personally tested by a human, to enlighten you rectal thermometer is penetrated under rectum to sense the temperature mostly used for babies and animals.We can just imagine the person in the quality testing each thermometer like wise.

You can always think of the rectal thermometer tester in Jhonson & Jhonson whenever you feel low about your current job.

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