8 Weekend Struggles People With No Friends Around Will Understand

The demand of a stable career makes us wander place to place leaving our lovely friends.The group with which we had spent some lovely moments suddenly fragments and the members are thrown off in different directions, lucky are those who gets any of those in proximity.Some are so unfortunate that they don’t get anyone with whom they can befriend with either due to their remote work location or due to ‘Not my type’ restriction.

Here is the ‘all weekend heart-wrenching saga’ of those unfortunate fellows who are not blessed with the luxury of hanging out on weekends.

1. It’s mostly about Food, Washing Clothes, and Sleep

Most of the time goes into arranging lunch, dinner(No breakfast) and washing clothes which are lying dirty since a week or a month may be, rest of the time goes in watching Tv,surfing  the internet(facebook,twitter,Instagram or some sanskari videos) ,watching series or movies on Laptop.

This is what goes through your mind.

How My Friends Spend Their Weekend


 How I Spend It!


2.Hangout or Reunion Plan Discussion

“Anyone in Mumbai?”


You Just see discussions of hangout or reunion plans being made on a Whatsapp group or facebook but can never be a part of that plan

3.Liking Check-Ins and Pics


You aimlessly scroll on your timeline and mostly you get check-ins of your friends and picture of reunions, all you do is “Hit Like Button”.

4.Movies In Theatre


You have learned to go and watch movies in the theater alone with a hope of finding an awesome next seat partner but it never happened.

This is the word in case you don’t know 🙂


 5.Solo Traveling

You also have started traveling solo and  realizing the beauty of Solo Travelling which otherwise would never have happened.

6. Friend In Town

It’s like a breather if by chance a friend of you happens to be in your area on weekend. You make sure that you meet him and grab a chance to post a pic with him 🙂

7.Search for the nice roommates

You always crave for good roommates who can fill the absence of your friends but  you remain unfortunate as ever.

8.Value of friends

Lately, you have realized the importance of friends and you miss them badly.

In spite of such struggle, there is something positive happening too. You learn to survive alone, come out of your comfort zone and most importantly realize the importance of friends who are our irreplaceable assets.

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