We need to evolve as an Audience to do some good to Bollywood

First of all, This is not an anti-Salman, shah rukh or Amir article so kindly get over that Fan hangover and come to the senses to realize what have we screwed as an audience. If we look at the stats of box office success of movies released past 1 -2 years we will get a clear report card of how we are faring as an Audiences and the reality is we have miserably failed as an Audience. As a counter argument,  one can say that it’s a matter of personal taste and you can’t object to someone else’s taste but it becomes a matter of objection that a good population has the same taste and this isn’t changing, we have defied the theory of evolution, the evolution has paused in this case. All these years we are watching Masala and now also we want only Masala .How simple is the recipe: Take anyone of the three Khans,Add a director (One who has given hits in the past or whichever Khan’),add a new or any heroine(it doesn’t matter as she doesn’t need to act anyway), add a story(copied from Bollywood/south/Hollywood this also doesn’t matter),comedy(according to taste),Happy ending(this is must) your masala movie is ready, release it on any festival Eid/Moharram/Diwali/Christmas your blockbuster is ready to break the records. Some examples for clarity Kick,Bodyguard,Happy New Year,Chennai Express,Ek Tha Tiger,Prem Ratan Dhan Paayo,Dilwale. No wonder these movies have crossed the scintillating 100 crore mark so is this the standard of Bollywood which we are endorsing? We have distorted the equation of quality cinema and movie success in which quality cinema should be directly proportional to the movie success which is not the case currently. We have empowered some stars so much that how much crap movies they make we make sure that it becomes a blockbuster at the box office, reaching 100 crores is a cakewalk for them. We flood the theaters just because there’s a big star starring and its festive occasion. Movie reviews are losing their significance having no impact on the movie goers .

We crib about the standard of Bollywood, ridicule it if a comparison takes place with Hollywood but did we ever introspected why it’s like that?  Our movies lacking a good script , a robust acting  which are the most critical parameters ,the movies just dwells solely upon the lead actor to reach that 100 crore mark.

What can we do as an Audience?

As an audience, we have tremendous authority to make someone the star or perish the only thing we need is to stop taking shit from the actors,directors, producers etc. Stop giving undue advantage to the favorite stars let them strive for the success. Let filmmakers crave for quality, Let them realize the importance of script, Let original work flourish in the Industry, give importance to the talent promote good movies irrespective of star cast let the talent shine.

We as a Citizen

The real life  should have an impact. We are a smart audience we very well know what’s an insensitive remark , what’s criminal , what’s unpatriotic, who respects women, who was driving the car, who loves his driver again we have to look at it as a citizen first and not let the fan inside induce biasedness . Maria Sharapova,  failed a drug test at January’s Australian Open. As soon as she accepted the intake of drugs Nike, Tag Heuer and Porsche ended their contract with her similarly Woodland distanced with golfer Tiger Woods on his extra-marital affairs, Oscar Pistorious faced the same brand breakup when convicted of murder so the point is the real life activities do affect the

brand image which is not happening in India. Our convicted stars endorsing multiple brands and all thanks to us that we make their movie a blockbuster and confer them the title “star” skyrocketing the brand value.  A hero should do good to the society the nation the humanity and anybody harming these should be dethroned there is a need to look at the reel life and real life together as the person whom we consider our icon should be worthy enough.

So as an audience there is a great need for us to evolve otherwise we will have to settle for substandard entertainment and we our self are to blame for that so better come out of the blind fan following and do some good to Bollywood.

Let the Content and Audience be the king of the Bollywood.

Sorry in advance to the Bhai and King fans 😉

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