We Connected Famous Product Taglines To Some Other Products And The Results Are Crazily Amazing

Tagline plays a vital role in promoting a brand.A lot of creativity and mind goes into making an effective memorable tagline which perfectly defines a product.We tried fitting the famous product taglines onto some other products and voila! they made sense in the most hilarious way.

Just check it out!

1.‘Ready For The Harpic Challenge?'(Harpic)



2.No One Can Eat Just One(Lays)


3.The Engineer’s Choice (Ultratech Cement)



4.“Boond Boond Mai Vishwas”(Kinley)

jack daniels tagline


5.”KitKat Break Banta Hai”(Kitkat)

sbi trolls


6.Isko Laga Dala Toh Life Jingalala(Tata Sky) 

Durex ad


7.Shock Laga Kya(Havells)

whisper Tagline


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