I want a “Virgin Wife”- The hypocrisy of Indian Men

Today where everyone is talking about gender equality , feminism is on the rise , many feminists have turned up. The social media has been  flooded with all kind of posts and sarcasm towards gender equality. Women are asking for liberty in every way in which men use to enjoy and they are getting full fledged support from the ‘ Modern Indian Men’, women have also started feeling the change in the winds and anticipating drastic change in the near future in terms of equality,

but hold on there is another side into it….

A  huge contradiction is observed when it comes to ‘Virginity of women’. As today most of the Indian men desire for a ‘Virgin Wife’ and this desire in itself is the biggest inequality endorsed by men where men takes pride in loosing their virginity before marriage they still emphasize on a ‘Virgin’ life partner .

This desire for ‘Virgin Wife’ is empowered by nature in the form of “Virginity Test” in which the most common way of judging female’s virginity is the ‘Intact hymen’. The Hymen is a membrane that surrounds or partially covers the external vaginal opening. The virginity is judged on the assumption that the hymen can only be torn through sexual intercourse and during the first sexual intercourse rupturing of hymen is accompanied by bleeding which also marks the women’s virginity and the inequality lies in the fact that there is no way to judge a “men’s virginity”.

Do we hear women desiring for a “Virgin Husband”? just because there is no way to prove Men’s virginity? In a sex survey by India Today Group-MDRA 2013 it is shown that even though men are three times more likely to have premarital sex than women , they still desire to have a “Virgin Bride”.

In another  survey done in Bengluru which says around 65% of the youngsters are enjoying live-in relationship and shocking 90% of them desired for a ‘Virgin Wives’.

Now the question remains why Men don’t talk about equality here? Why the virginity of the girl matters to them after marriage as they don’t hesitate a bit in premarital sex  provided an opportunity? why the ‘Virginity’ of wives  is still a serious discussion among the boys? why premarital sex is still a taboo for women? Why such double standard and hypocrisy is shown by men where they don’t hesitate to get into physical relationship with any girl of their choice but want a virgin wife for marriage?

Men If you are talking about the equality let it be in complete way.

Now would you still stand for gender equality?



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