Twitter suspends a popular twitter account on trolling Arvind Kejriwal

Twitter has emerged to be a breeding ground for trollers.There is no way a celebrity or politician can get away without getting slammed by trolls but someone seems to have taken the things  too far to punish the troller.

It so happened that one of the Twitterati with the handle name  @gabbbarsingh replied to a tweet of Arvind Kejriwal with an intention to troll him but he didn’t have the slightest idea that this will land him in trouble as the tweet is said to have received ‘mass report abuse’ by AAP supporters because of which Twitter reacted by suspending the account.

@Gabbbarsingh is a popular twitter handle and has massive 4,34,000 twitter follower.

This is the controversial tweet

twitter suspends

There is a huge outrage seen among twitter users as they claim it to be an invalid reason for such strict action. There is lot of  turbulence seen  on twitter :

twitter suspends

twitter suspends img_20161101_144128

Trolling a politician is not a new thing on twitter and this seems to be a warning shot which is inappropriate. Let’s hope things will be sorted out and “Gabbbar will be back”.

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