A Heart touching Incident!

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I just felt the need to write this article as i was deeply touched by the motherly love displayed by a mother not belonging to human species:-

“I was walking down the road from my office to catch the bus for my home, after walking some distance one dog caught my attention as it was sitting almost on the center of the road and not bothered about the vehicles passing by.
I was surprised as i found this strange as the animal was blocking the path of heavy vehicles like truck.Trucks have to slow down and had to pass offroad, with curiosity i went near and i saw a small puppy lying just near the female dog (It was a female dog and am avoiding the use of the word “bitch”).

I went closer to the female dog what i saw totally took out my heart as the puppy was dead seems to have crushed under some passing vehicle.I could see deep pain in the eyes of mother and was thinking what pain the animal must be going through as it was sitting near the lifeless body of her puppy.

The female dog was trying to restrict the path of cars and was running and barking showcasing her anger as if it looked the culprit was some car.

I was grief stricken after seeing whole incident and was crying inside as we human feels more pity when we see human behavior from animals than animal behavior from humans.motherly love was intact  and the female dog has shown that this relationship remains same in the animals too, it also made me think that love remains same but value of life differs where we humans have become so mighty that the life of these innocent creatures is seen with no value,their pain is not felt”.

By- Admin(The Pics are real)

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