This Police Man Aged 58 From Udaipur Set Out On A 2500 Kms Journey On A Cycle Is Really Inspiring

Today where the minds of young generation are occupied by the fancy, cool, sporty bikes and cars,cycle has become a past eating dust and lying dismantled in a obscure backyard,a few metres to us requires a vehicle to travel amidst all such trends Mr. Hemant Kumar Shrimali ,A 58  year old Police Man from Badgaon, Udaipur, Rajasthan has put a daring step forward to travel 2500 Kms on Cycle.He will be travelling Udaipur-Nasik-Shani Signapur-Shirdi sai baba-bhimeshwar-Ajanta Ellora Caves-Omkareshwar-Ujjain-Mahakal-Mandsaur-Pashupatinath-Udaipur. He claimed to complete journey in 45 days.
The purpose of his travel is to spread awareness about the environment. He said that it’s been 50 years he is cycling it not only keeps one healthy but also is environment friendly, he added that by the amount of carbon deposits on the leaves of plants and trees along roadside we can imagine the impact of pollution.It’s interesting to note that he has travelled Udaipur to Vaishnodevi by foot in 2009.
This is really inspiring if a 58 year old man can take so much pain to spread awareness about environment and health it becomes all the more important for us to get aware and take something from it. So can we get back to cycles once again? Apart from bike trips or car trips can we dare to plan cycle trips too?

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