This Guy Orders A Phone From Flipkart Receives It Under Packing Of Snapdeal and Naaptol

This awkward incident happened with Ashish K Singh who had ordered a phone over Flipkart, the phone was very well delivered to him but as he unwrapped the outer poly pack the pack turned out to be of “Snapdeal” from inside which means it was wrapped inside out , the absurdity didn’t end here! there was another twist as the box which emerged from poly pack belonged to “Naaptol” so to be precise it was like Flipkart-Snapdeal-Naaptol.(Refer Pictures)

This is really baffling as they call themselves rivals so are they outsourcing to each other? or are they using their rivals packaging? Ridiculous!

1. It was recieved like this
2.The inner side of the polypack revealed “Snapdeal”
3. Then emerged “Naaptol”

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