12 Things That Girls Lie About

“Women are from venus and Men are from Mars.”  This difference in planets really created lot of difference.

Everyone on this earth has lied sometimes be it men or women but lies differ from men and women  so some of the things which girls lie about are mentioned here. The points given here are compiled from  several articles(from our own writers) and sources to make it more general and not personal and it might be possible that it may not be applicable to some people because exceptions are everywhere .

Girls if you are reading this take it sportingly and wait for the next article on boys 😉

Lie#1. “I don’t care”

“I really don’t care if he talks to any other girl”

” Is he not talking to you?” -“I don’t care”

“She hates you”-“I don’t care”

Have you heard this from your girlfriend or friend if yes then it’s a lie.They do care for things be it relationship ,friendship ,pimples,dressing,appearance etc. When they say this just interpret it as ” I really care” .

A thumb rule “More is the intensity with which the girl say I don’t care more deeply she will care about the things”


Lie#2.  Relationship Status


” I am Single ”  “We broke up  few months ago it was all his fault”  ” I am committed”

These are generally the Relationship status we hear but trust it at your own risk, its a lie most of the times.

When a girl says “I am single” no matter she is being spotted with a guy every time believe me it is the case of utter confusion and it’s also the case of utter happiness among  boys. Poor boys just gets in queue and then it is utter disaster.

“We broke up few months ago it was all his fault”  interpret this as ” I broke up few months ago and his fault is he don’t want to break up”.

Yupp new place, new people, time to look for a new partner 😉

“I am committed” it is also a lie but more importantly she is trying to tell “A big No No for you”  so please stop trying when you hear this.


Lie#3. “He checks me out everyday,I really hate it”


“You don’t know he checks me out everyday and he messaged me bla bla bla several times ”

Neither the boy has checked her out everyday nor he had messaged bla bla bla several times its an exaggeration at its best and if in case it has happened couple of times then the lie is she never hates it

Checking out is not associated with only boys ,girls  do check out boys only difference is they do it with extreme perfection.



Lie#4.  ohh!you sent me a request? I didn’t see it

She very well knows who are the people who send her friend requests and she also knows whose request to accept and whose not so kindly don’t remind a girl about your friend request she don’t want to accept it.


Lie#5. ” Sorry! I am damn busy these days”

Have you ever heard of this while complaining to a girl about not  answering your phone call or not replying to your messages .

Poor guys! neither she is the CEO of a company nor she is an economic adviser to PM  no further explanation needed.


Lie#6. “Please don’t abuse in front of me , i hate it”

” I hate abuses” ” i really don’t know the meaning of MC ,BC

Please note girls don’t hate it and they know the abuses and their meaning better than the boys.


Lie#7. “I’ll be ready in 5 minutes”

When a girl says this just make sure you have at least 2 hours of spare time so do some important work rather than waiting for her in the hope that she would really get dressed in time.

Thumb Rule-At least half an hour needed post dressing just to look into the mirror around 55 times!


 Lie#8. “I never watched Porn”

When a girl says this its again a lie, she definitely has watched it . She is just trying to portray herself a gentle lady so you also behave like a wise man and don’t trust her.


Lie#9. “No make up!”

After putting several layers of make up only girls can dare to say so. Please note this you have never seen a girl without make up and please don’t ever wish to see her without make up.

Lie#10. ” I am 5’5″

Girls lie about age we all know but they fake about height too. They really don’t mind adding couple of inches to their height.


Lie#11. “I am such a good driver”

We all have been victims several times of girls driving and we very well know how good a girl drives so if she says this its a  very dangerous lie.


Lie#12. ” I hate drama” 🙂


It’s fine when she do it every now and then but she hates it when others do it.

Why don’t you stop it if you hate it!

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