Tanmay Bhatt hails from ‘All India Bakchod’ and not ‘All India Intellect’ we need to move on

People are losing their minds over Tanmay Bhatt’s  snapchat video and it is perfectly justified as far as the video is concerned as it was a catastrophic attempt to invoke humour.The video was far away from humour it doesn’t qualify for a ‘Bad Joke’ either, it was derogatory and downright mean to two of the greatest legends of their respective fields.


We need to understand that the guy who just created video (don’t know why?)

hails from ‘All India Bakchod’ and not ‘All India Intellect’.

Where Bakchod is a Hindi slang which Means:


so in English, it would mean “Senseless Fucker” or “Senseless Talker”

so if someone is a Senseless Talker how can you expect him to talk sense or why to bother if he talks Non-Sense.If anything had come from an intellectual it’s worth giving a though but a person or group who have already tagged them as “Bakchod” bothering them doesn’t make any sense.

We the audience  should stop paying attention to something which is substandard and offending.We are the ones who helps such controversies to gain limelight stop caring for them and move on such things would automatically cease.

We need to learn from Lata Ji as she showed her class by not getting offended as such thing are too small for her stature and she nailed it by saying

“By the way ,I don’t know who Tanmay Bhatt is?”

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-by Aditya Sanadhya

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