Surprising facts about Samsung we bet you didn’t know

We know Samsung just as any other electronics company but there is much more to know about the brand which will leave your mouth wide open.Just have a look about

1.Samsung started off as a trucking company


Lee Byun chul started a trading company in 1938 named ‘Samsung Trading Company ,the company  transported goods throughout Korea and had 40 employees.By 1950 company diversified into insurance,securities, and retail.

2. Samsung launched its first black n white television in 1970

samsung first tv

In 1960s Samsung entered the electronics segment and in 1970 launched its first black n white 12-inch television which was a hit product of that era.

3.Many smartphone brands use memory chips manufactured by Samsung


Samsung has been the largest producer of memory chips since 1993 and supplies it to various smartphone brands,even your iPhone uses Samsung made memory chip.

4.Samsung Built the Burj Khalifa and Patronas Twin Tower 


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Not many have the idea that the world’s highest and most popular skyscrapers are built by Samsung.Isn’t it shocking?

5.Number of Samsung employees is more than the employees of Apple,Google,and Microsoft put together


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Samsung has around 4,90,000 employees which are more than the employees of Apple,Google,and Microsoft put together which keeps on increasing and getting huge and huge timely.

6.Samsung is much bigger than we think

Samsung revenue is 305 billion$(2014) if we do comparison apples revenue for the same year was 183 billion$ and Google 66 Billion$ so you can imagine the greatness.Samsung comprises 17% of Korea’s entire GDP.

Let’s have a look at the businesses that Samsung operates which help them to reach such colossal figures.Samsung is into 80 different businesses operating in different fields namely:

1.Samsung engineering and construction

2.Samsung Trading and investments

3.Samsung Heavy Industries

4.Samsung Electronics

5.Samsung Electromechanics

6. Samsung Techwin (Military Arm)

7.Samsung life insurance,securities,investment trust management

8.Samsung petrochemicals

9.Samsung Fashion

In addition to above Samsung is into hotels and resort,owns economic research institute, a life and welfare foundation, with Renault Samsung has been making cars since 2o years.

If this is not enough Samsung also does surveillance,automation,and weapons technology in addition Samsung makes Army tanks ,jet engines ,and giant ships.Samsung runs the biggest theme park in korea.

Samsung really looks underrated after going through this piece of information,the respect for this brand is sure to elevate!



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Samsung means three stars, earlier they had logo with three stars then it changed to what we see today.In the current logo there is opening on the elipse at two points on the letter ‘S’ and ‘J’ this indicates open-mindedness and desire to communicate with the world.

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