Short of money,man cremates wife using garbage and tyre in Neemuch MP

Another heart-wrenching incident reported in Neemuch, Madhya Pradesh in which Jagdeesh Bheel,65 was compelled by the circumstances to cremate his wife using garbage,tyres as he could not manage adequate woods .

It all happened in Ratangarh village in Neemuch where Nojibai wife of Jagdish Bheel died on Friday morning , due to shortage of money he could not cremate the wife’s corpse in time, he sought help of Rs2500 from panchayat and locals but no one helped some even advised him to dump the corpse into the river, heart-broken and helpless he finally decided to cremate the body near the crematorium with whatever available at hand, as he had inadequate wood he used papers lying in garbage and tyres to cremate.

The administration was informed by the people who saw him proceeding for cremation and the district officer  sent wood to the victim but it was too late as the corpse was already put to fire for cremation.

One after the other such incidents are coming in light, we saw Dana Majhi in Orissa who carried his wife’s dead body on shoulders after he was denied an ambulance, Kanpur incident in which son died in father’s hands, such incidents have exposed the administrative gaps in rural areas and this is  alarming.This also focuses on the country’s situation that how economically deprived segment suffers the misery, it’s the very basic right of the citizen which government is bound to provide but it’s embarrassing in front of whole world that we the country who has reached on Mars, who is heading towards digitization is still incapable in providing basic facilities to its citizen, this is a huge failure which needs introspection.

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