She Notices A New Student Feeling Lonely, Uses Google Translate To Write A Touching Note

friendship knows no barrier! Rafael was new to school, didn’t know anyone, feeling all alone,then Amanda noticed him and tried talking to him but it didn’t work out as the boy didn’t Understand English and only understands Spanish but it wasn’t a huge problem for Amanda, she took the help of Google Translate app and wrote a touching letter to Rafael in Spanish.

This is the letter:


The letter reads  “Would you like to sit with me today? Look for me and I will show you where I sit. We can color or simply tell scary stories. Thank you for your time, signed Amanda.”

Kimber Kinard, Amanda’s mother explained the whole incident in her own words “She walked over and gave it to him, and he stared at Amanda and then he opened it up and was trying to read it,”  “When he finished reading it, his eyes were welling up with tears and then Amanda’s eyes were welling up with tears. And then the whole class stood up and applauded. He stood up and he hugged her.”

Here is the video:


Kimber  was so touched by the gesture of her baby  that she shared this story over facebook with pictures and video, her facebook post read

“My baby…..
Found a new kid at school, sitting alone, tried to talk to him but he didn’t speak much English. ….so what does she do? She uses Google translate on her phone, composes a letter to him, brings it home for me to check it and plans to give it to him tomorrow before class.
God has blessed me with a kind child.”

Kimber said she received over 16000 facebook messages praising her daughter’s kind act.

This little girl gives a strong message to the world that language,race,region etc should never be a barrier in stopping you from spreading love and harmony. May the compassion prevails!

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