Repeated Extremist Attacks Strengthening Anti Muslim Rhetoric And It’s Unfavorable For The Muslims All Over

Terrorism continues to be the major problem with which the whole world is struggling ,every now and then we confront some terror activities happening in one or other parts of the world and helplessly mourns the death of innocents.Each time some attack happens , the attacker/attackers turns out to be Islamic extremists be it Pathankot Attack,France Attack,Brussels attack or the recent Orlando attack and then religion makes a connect to the terror giving rise to unending debates in or against the motion ” Terrorism has no religion”.

If we talk about the US the situation got much worse after 9/11. The islamophobia has taken over the state, a Muslim name or outfit raises the eyebrows of an American.They mistake a ‘Sardar’ for a ‘Muslim’ also call him terrorist, Indian superstar Shahrukh Khan has to undergo strict security scrutiny every time he visits the US just because he is Muslim .Recently Donald Trump made a proposal to temporary ban Muslims from entering the US , his statement was condemned all over and he was ridiculed for his absurd remark but soon his statement got a backing in the form of Orlando attack.It made Trump bounce back  strong with his statement. On attack, He said “The bottom line is that the only reason the (Orlando) killer (Omar Mateen) was in America in the first place was because we allowed his family to come here,”

If we talk about the world the situation is somewhat similar  the Islamic extremist’s activities are affecting the image of the whole community . The Peacefull Religion term seems to be contradicting due to violence committed time and again though some groups are committing it.It’s really alarming for the rest of Muslims of the world as the atmosphere for them is deteriorating with every attack be it movies like “My name is Khan and I am not a terrorist” a “Social experiments like blindfolded Muslim” or “denial of the place of residence to Muslims”the glimpse of Islamophobia can be seen. The members of terrorist groups are continuously expanding and Muslim youths are their soft targets.Muslims are known to be highly religious people who strictly adhere to the religious norms and the extremists are convincing on the grounds of religion also they are successful in convincing irrespective of the geographies let’s not deny that .

Something has to be done at the global level to kill this extremists ideology,there is need to introspect, accept the flaws if any, efforts should be done to bring back youths on the right path, the extremist groups are simply distorting the image of Religion,strengthening the anti-Muslim rhetoric and other followers are paying the price,it’s high time to unite for peace and fight evils to save the religion otherwise the situation can get worse in future.


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