Owner takes his dying dog for a final walk to the beach,hundreds of people with their dogs accompany

Mark woods and Walnut had been together for 18 years and wanted this togetherness to further continue but sadly Walnut wasn’t blessed with a prolonged life span as Mark and was almost on the brink of completing its lifespan. His health had given up on him and Mark who is a resident of Newquay, UK  finally decided to get him euthanized but before doing that Mark  decided to take Walnut for a final walk to walnut’s favorite beach and for this  he made a shout out over facebook to his friends, neighbors  family members and dog lovers to accompany them.

He Writes:


He got a huge response from the people over the internet. Everyone was moved and he started receiving messages from people. #walkwithwalnut started trending over the twitter and as a result of these hundreds of dog turned up to accompany Mark and Walnut on a final walk to the beach.

Just have a glimpse of this touching event in this video:


Later Mark announced the heartbreaking demise of Walnut:


Walnut will always be alive in the memories of Mark and we just hope they still keep meeting on the beach, may Walnut rest in peace.

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