Must read if you don’t get huge likes on your facebook Pics

Good that you visited this link! so you don’t get huge likes on your dp’s . You struggle to make it to 50 or 100 likes. You  really wonder at the pics of your fellow mates which fetches 200,300 and sometimes even crosses 400 with the fact that your pics are also at par with them. You really feel sad as your best of the pics ceases to attract likes after a standard figure. Read the below points that will make you feel better 😉

Proceed only if you are really sad about the fact.

#1) If you are a boy then the problem is not that serious as you can expect gender inequality on facebook but if you are a girl then it becomes a serious problem.

#2)Just carry out the following analysis :-

Have a look at the total number of friends you have in your friend list and then look the same for the person who gets huge likes, you can see total number of friend’s count by logging onto a PC. Is he/she having more friends?? there you are! so first reason is exposed that the other person has way more audience than you to like the pics. If the no. of friends are almost same then come to step 2. (those who have less no. of friends should also refer to below points to give strength to the reason)

#3) Just go through your friend list and look for the active facebook users, as this is somewhat a tedious task but it would be interesting to know. I did it and amongst 700 friends I found only 250 of them to be active users.

#4) Now from the no. of active users further filter the number of people you know very well or have good relations as the people we know very well and have good relationship are likely to hit likes than those with whom we have never interacted . In my case out of 250 active users the people I know very well were 170.

#5) Now carry out the conclusion, if you have just 150-170 people whom you just know very well and they are the only one who gonna hit like so even if you are managing 70-80 likes out of 150 probable audience this is not bad at all. If the very well known people are even less than 150 then even 50-60 likes are better. So its all the matter of the type of people present in your friendlist .

Remember a fabulous pic would remain a fabulous pic doesn’t matter how many likes are fetched. No matter how good your pics are there are some people who will never hit the like button just because it’s you.

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