Like an Eco-Friendly Holi Diwali can we have an Eco-Friendly Eid-ul-Adha too?

Fatima, a 5-year innocent girl gazing through the window bars, her Abu accompanied by some more men of her family trying to overpower a buffalo, the buffalo trying hard to run away but more and more man joining in charging at her to pin her down, the creature crying out loud attempting a life escape but of no use, she is pinned down , one of them quickly reaches the throat and starts slitting the throat, he was agile with his hand to quickly accomplish the task, blood splurges and the buffalo cries out loud in pain ,she makes a final leap to escape , stands up trembling on the feet again to run for the life , with a half-slit throat and saliva oozing out of her mouth she starts running here and there looking desperately for an exit, blood continues to flow and is all over the floor.

Fatima has no idea as why her own family members are being cruel to the innocent animal which arrived their house just a few days back, afraid and terrified she approaches her mother and starts crying asking to stop all the mess.

Like Fatima, there would be many children confronting this custom of ‘Kurbani’ unaware of the essence all they see is the struggle, blood and slaughter.

I am not against any religious customs, slaughter and meat eating also not initiating a vegetarian versus Nonvegetarian debate, just as we and media have condemned and expressed opinions on Yulin festival, Gadhimayi festival, environmental impacts of Holi and Diwali it makes us a hypocrite on keeping a mum on Eid ul Adha. Media have already chosen to be a hypocrite as  I didn’t find a single post on Eid ul Adha from the popular pages that I follow who portray themselves unbiased and logical.

I still remember how Gadhimayi festival of Nepal and Yulin festival of China received flak from the netizens and media, various petitions were filed, Gadhimayi finally got banned by the government. We see various appeals during Holi and Diwali about celebrating it in an eco-friendly way like waterless Holi and Crackerless Diwali but no flak no appeals seen when it comes to Eid celebration ,why? it also involves mass slaughter, it also has environmental impacts.

A lot of water used for cleaning the blood of the sacrificed animal,the residues of  animals being killed such as intestine,bones and other uneaten parts creates land pollution,if the residual parts are not decomposed properly then it can give rise to the foul odour, a large number of cattle slaughter increases Carbon Footprints . Can Eid be celebrated in an Eco-Friendly way ? Can it be publically appealed just as Holi and Diwali?

Eco-friendly Eid doesn’t mean cutting an artificial goat it just require the sacrifice to be done in an organised way. There can be  reduction in the number of cattle slaughtered as cattle are slaughtered in huge number and meat obtained is more than sufficient, there should not be blood everywhere as sacrifice to be carried out in designated enclosed places where cleaning is easy , require less water and sacrificing is less cumbersome. The residues of sacrificed animal to be decomposed properly which should not create problem to the people residing nearby.

A festival is all about joy and spreading happiness , the sight of blood and cry is always unpleasant. If you are condemning something have the balls of condemning it irrespective of the religion without being hypocrite which currently doesn’t seem to happen in India.

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