Is Udta Punjab Controversy A Publicity Stunt?

Controversy and publicity are highly correlated in the context of Bollywood .Many filmmakers resort to different ways to create controversy and it actually seems to be doing better than the conventional promotion methods.

Udta Punjab is also seen undergoing multiple rounds of controversy and with frequent twists in the tale, the movie very well managed to be in headlines before release. The controversy garnered huge support and sympathy from both the public and film fraternity. The controversy was sparked by Censor board of film certification with Mr. Pahlaj Nihlani , head CBFC anchoring the controversy. Mr. Nihlani seems to have given everything at the movies when he stabbed the movie with 94 cuts and  ordered the removal of the word ‘Punjab’ from the title which attracted a lot of rage, bashing, trolling and criticism. The Mumbai high court came to the rescue and cleared the movie with 13 cuts but the drama didn’t end here adding some more to the existing controversy the movie got leaked prior two days from the release after which Anurag Kashyap and star cast came out appealing to the public to watch movie only in theatres and not download it.

If we see the whole controversy it doesn’t seem to be naturally occurring and in light of some known facts, it looks a cheap publicity stunt . Let’s talk about CBFC chief Mr. Pahaj Nihlani, the originator of the controversy, he has a son Chirag and daughter in law Radhika and interesting thing to note here is both of them works for “ Balaji Motion Pictures” which produced the controversial “Udta Punjab”. Chirag is a creative producer and looks after movie promotion while his wife Radhika is a part of film’s marketing team.

Doesn’t it say something??

It’s beyond understanding that why a father has such intense rivalry against his own children.

The movie was released prior two days of release. It’s ridiculous to even imagine something like this. Such a big movie that too under controversy has such standard of security. What CBFC or the court trying to say that the movies taken for review are not 100% safe. Limited people have access to the prints there is no question of leaking in such a small period of time. Even if someone leaks it the person can be nabbed easily.

The timing of the movie, it cannot be denied that it’s a politically motivated move to release the movie around the election time if anyone says “it’s just coincidence” he is an AAP member without any doubt. It’s a very well known fact that AAP is fighting the election on the sole agenda of “Drugs problem” in Punjab and this movie is the best tool to portray current rulers or past rulers in a bad light and invoke an urge to unleash the state.

Overall the whole controversy is difficult to swallow and such thing should be dealt seriously and interrogated so that filmmakers refrain themselves from adopting unethical ways of promotion and making fool of public.


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