Is Beef a issue resulted from insensitivity

Beef  and Bomb both fetches the same attention and reactions in the current scenario of India since the time government of some states announced the ban on beef a strong outrage from beef lovers was seen as they saw the government encroaching upon their eating habits.So much hue and cry resulted from imbibing  and protesting the ban.A question to be asked! “Does the beef issue require this attention and energy?” “Does being a secular country not permit such ban?” Let’s see this beef ban with a whole new perspective and the rationale behind the various reasons given by beef lovers to counter the ban.
The most widely given reason was “How can a government decide what to eat and what not to eat”

In that case, if one also develops a taste for “Black Buck” “Big Cats” “King Cobra” “Owl”  “tortoise” or even “human” can they be allowed to eat them as well?
So is this ranting just because it is associated with Hindu sentiments? or it’s a greater tool to slam PM Modi and spread negativity about a majority population.

The Next  was ” Why  only Beef is banned and why not Pork?”

Thing here to understand is Beef  comes from cow and cow is given the stature of Mother in Hindu religion  and it’s obvious that slaughtering of a creature whom you consider equivalent to mother would hurt the sentiments to a great extent, on the other hand, Pork is declared Haram just because the Pig is not considered sacred and it’s meat is harmful for health. so precisely it’s like one is not consumed just because it’s sacred and lovable while other is not consumed because it’s filthy and considered harmful.Bad news for pigs is no sentiments are attached to them.

Another one ” Why the belief of one particular Religion is imposed over other Religions in a secular country”

let’s look it this way it’s a real life example –  Let’s talk about a particular room in which 10 persons resides out of those 7  are hard core vegetarian and 3 are not- vegetarian. Which food will be prepared in the kitchen and which will be prohibited. It’s the vegetarian food that will be prepared and the other three has to understand and adjust to the sentiments of other. Vice versa if 7 are hardcore nonvegetarians  then the other 3 veggies have to understand and adjust to the sentiments of other 7 there the sentiments of those three will not be considered.Now the question is would the three oppose ? they never will , in a situation where they have to live with those seven  lifelong  in harmony ,Isn’t it that simple.So is this wrong on the part of the three that they took care of the sentiments of the majority?
The Room is India , the 7 are Hindus 3 are Beef lovers.

Now, what’s actually happening in the Indian context,the other three started ranting, they started slamming the other seven , they said all are paying the rent and have equal rights why to think about the only majority. they want to cook and eat whatever they want. They purposely cooked non- veg and ate it in front of the seven hurting them.  Isn’t it bizarre and a height of insensitivity.

Can’t it be another way round in which one respects someone’s belief,  applauds a religion that has shown mercy and respect even towards animals, Why don’t we see positives in a religion? Are taste buds more important than the sentiments? Is this not insensitivity that the sentiments of a group of people are overlooked. There are many things that are Banned in other countries like Pork is banned in Islamic countries, horse slaughter is banned in the US and other countries  on cultural grounds, the most bizarre is the Tomato Ketchup Ban in France on cultural grounds. There was no hue and cry heard in those countries.Why? just because they don’t say they are secular? Is secularism a problem?

so does considering beliefs and sentiments of a majority population violate secularism or can minorities respect the beliefs understand the sentiments and set an example of being a secular country?

The day citizens of the nation start respecting each other’s religion that day the nation would become secular in the real sense.

PS. It’s not a sponsored post nor the writer is a bhakt the idea was to put forth the simplicity lying in the complex issue resulted from political vested interests.

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