In Dealing Pakistan Modi Government Turn Out To Be Equally Disappointing

When the Prime Minister candidate came out campaigning , who claimed a 56 inched chest , whose audacious  uproar at the speeches reflected aggression  which created flutter in the minds of the enemy nation and made us believe that finally, we have found one acting Prime Minister, we all looked at him just as one look at a hero who would just jump from nowhere and start thrashing the enemies without wasting much time and rescue. This utmost faith was enough to throne him as country’s Prime Minister.

There has been debates going on about Mr. Modi’s work since the time of his election as PM, even the people who elected him were baffled by frequent foreign visits and these visits were justified by deals and investment that were signed and many intellectuals got convinced by this justification so most of the work which took place remains hidden to most citizen as not everyone understands deals, investment, GDP etc but in the area which is of great concern to each and every citizen like the nation’s security, there has been huge disappointment. Our soldiers are being killed every now and then by terrorists and Pakistan army but there is no retaliation. There have been more than 800 ceasefire violations (this is a huge number) since 2014 by Pakistan .We kept on expecting a strategised military action but no strong retaliation is seen from the government at the centre ever.

The recent attacks be it Pathankot or Uri attacks is sure to have the backing of ISI (Pakistan Intelligence). The Jaish-e-Mohammad terrorist group which is behind the Uri attack is a creation of ISI and its chief Masood Azhar is roaming free in Pakistan. A perpetual defensive stance has made India a soft target for terrorists and repeated attacks are the results of it. Our borders are not properly sealed, terrorists are able to infiltrate from the Pakistan occupied land, we have intelligence failures, we have terrorist sympathisers in the form of liberals, journalists, seculars and human right activists these all needs a check.

We need to learn from other countries like US, Russia,Britain ,France and Canada , how they immediately retaliate to an attack. We all know the security norms in these countries, no compromise is done on the national security. It’s time to give a fitting reply , Dear Modiji please come out of ‘just criticism’ and act, the nation is looking up to you in hope, the blood of the martyred soldiers needs to be avenged.

Jai Hind!

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