Here’s Why The Whole Outrage Over Aamir Is Justified And Actually A Good Sign!

There has been an outrage of the highest order seen from the Indians over Aamir’s remarks on “Intolerance”, people have slammed the actor in every way possible and the “social media bomb” has been effectively utilized, in between the repetitive viral trolling and hatred there are some who tried to think from a different perspective ie. to support him and so they came up with some reasons to support him and let me tell you they didn’t make any sense except for the fact that they were sounding different and some people loved them as they too wanted to sound different.
This is the tradition of social media to give something different that attract sympathy and in the process, the rationale or the reality is suppressed.
I am damn sure that more than half of the internet audiences have not seen the interview and their sources of information are “Friend’s status”,”Title of the internet media link” “Post Comments” etc they don’t even know the statements that Aamir quoted but then also they have expressed their rage/support very well.I would talk about the people who came up supporting Aamir as amongst the few reasons one of the reasons they cited is ” He didn’t say anything wrong his statement was twisted and misinterpreted” so to help those people here’s the full interview:

If you have a slow internet here’s the exact statement word to word:
The remark was made in “Ramnath Goenka Excelence In Journalism Awards”, he was asked about his take on #awardwapsi(return of award) and Intolerance and if he agrees to the protest, he said “As an individual, we read the newspaper…i am alarmed by the no. Of incidences” “there is a sense of insecurity” on asking was this sense of insecurity present earlier too on which he made the much ranted controversial remark, he said
“may be last six eight months there has been growing sense of despondency(disheartened/hopelessness)
When i say get home talk to kiran you know kiran and i have lived all our lives in India for the first time kiran said should we move out of India!
Now that is the most disastrous and very big statement for Kiran to make to me…
She fears for her child…she fears for u know what those atmosphere around us will be..
She feels scared to open newspaper everyday…
That does indicate there is a sense of growing disquiet…
A sense of growing despondency…
Apart from alarmed….One part is alarmed….There is another part you feel depressed you feel low you feel why is this happening”

So this is what he exactly said, now what’s wrong with these statements, firstly it was quite obvious that such statement would spark a huge outrage as Shahrukh has already faced it few days back so doing a thing whose unfavorable outcome you knew very well and later on expressing astonishment and accusing people in itself a very wrong thing to do whether your intentions were publicity or just creating turbulence God knows but this in no way would have contributed towards the betterment of the nation.He said rising disquiet in last six eight months I think he was referring to the insecurity as a Muslim and “Dadri” incident ,he said his wife is scared of opening the newspaper so Mr. Perfectionist since when you celebrities have started trusting the media? last six months? When they make news about you, you call it bullshit!Do you have immense faith in our media that you trust whatever they show it to you? If the same media stops reporting the “bad news” and only reports “good news” then again your stance on the country would change so your whole views about the country depends on the headlines of media and not the reality,amazing!
His wife expressed concern over the safety of her children, how stupid is that! living in a posh society with high security, locality comprising of high profile people, most from your own industry,children going to some very expensive school, which safety concern is bothering her that she wants to leave the country itself? If anyone let’s say common man or a “Hindu common man” by chance get to meet Aamir’s children will that put the safety at stake? really? I think he/she would feel happy and excited take a few pictures with them that’s it no one’s gonna harm them it’s even stupid to state this fact but the concern is so stupid that it deserves such answering. People see stars as stars and their religion doesn’t matter at all that’s India.
What about a Muslim living in a Middle-class Hindu locality where there is Hindu living in front, back,right,left of his house , no personal security,even his wife would have never asked him about leaving the society on grounds of security and these people talks about leaving the country. Many Muslims living in Hindu locality happily and in harmony and I would recommend Aamir to take his wife to such places and feel a tight slap as your media won’t show such things.
A more dreadful outcome of such statement is the message that went to the rest of the Muslims of the country that even stars have the sense of insecurity? feel insecure? No one to rescue? leave the country? So are these stars up to encouraging disharmony,infusing fear, this is the same thing that a bunch of anti-social communal do ,you are no different!
Aamir is a star,known to be a perfectionist and his statement will have an impact on the large masses of people he would have come out a lot earlier to appeal to the people to maintain harmony in case there was any disquiet rather than giving air to the thoughts of leaving the country.I don’t think 6 months prior there was complete harmony in Nation, crimes were not happening, newspapers didn’t had the crime news, did Kiran started reading the newspaper recently?
So it’s a sincere request to Mr.& Mrs. Aamir Khan to not purely believe in the news sitting in a cozy armchair but to move out visit places(that includes Dadri too) to know the reality and then make remarks, if you can’t do this then please refrain yourselves from making remarks .The mass outrage has shown that people are in no mood to listen anything rubbish about their country, and yes they are intolerant when it comes to the nation which is in a way a good sign.

By- Aditya Sanadhya

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