Here’s the collection of best Sonam Gupta Bewafa trolls from the internet that will make you ROFL

The demonetization announcement has created turbulence all over the country. Citizens were taken by surprise with this bold move, Countless memes got created. In between the flurry of memes on demonetization of 500 and 1000 rupee notes the internet got its another target in the form of ‘Sonam Gupta’.Someone uploaded pictures of a 10 rupee and 2000 rupee note with a note written in Hindi ” Sonam Gupta Bewafa hai”(Sonam Gupta is Unfaithful) which triggered Sonam Gupta Bewafa trolls.

This is the picture that triggered:


and the netizens could not handle it.There were twiteratti  and facebook users who didn’t miss out the chance to troll Sonam Gupta and they did it with sheer brilliance.

screenshot-6 screenshot-7 screenshot-9 screenshot-10 screenshot-11

The issue is assured to be raised in Indo-Pak Bilateral meet


It also made connection to Geeta


Notes were too obvious so someone took the matter out of the world and found


Even ATMs said it



Bollywood spreads it to Hollywood


With so much pressure the Governor had to declare it in writing 


It even went international


Then the Archaeologists intervened


We also gave it a try 😛


The most interesting fact about Sonam Gupta is no one knows who the hell is Sonam Gupta  and her heartbroken lover but it surely entertained the netizens and brought some laughter in chaotic situation of demonetization.We also feel sorry for all the Sonam Guptas of the world, may God give them the courage to handle current situation 😉

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