Friendship Falls Prey To Border Tensions,Pakistani Girl Denied Visa To Attend Best Friend’s Wedding in India

On an occasion like wedding, it’s everyone’s desire that their best friends should accompany them in this lifetime event to make it  grandeur, the same way Purvi was also excited about her wedding and had plans to celebrate this grand occasion with her best friend Sarah Munir, who hails from Pakistan . Sarah applied for the visa with all the formalities but their immense desire received a huge blow when Sarah’s visa application got rejected. Disappointed & disturbed Purvi approached social media to express her concern and seek support.She appealed to external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj to help in this regard.


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She got immense support from the social media users .



Purvi Thackker is an Indian Journalist is New York  while her best friend Sarah Munir is a Pakistani Journalist. They both met 5 years ago at Columbia Journalism School.

Sarah and Purvi have both visited each other’s home in India and Pakistan before and have a good attachment with each other’s family members.Purvi mentions in her facebook post “It’s extremely sad that even though we have never let religion,nationalities,our shared history and even cricket come between us,incidents like this repeatedly make us feel like we should.”

She also points to an unfavorable outcome of the tussle between the two countries which a few people go through   “We understand that our countries shared huge economic and political implications,but it also takes a toll on normal mundane things like human relationships and connections.Nobody thinks about that.Being friend and being there for each other should not be this hard just because we were born on different side of the borders “

Sarah has reapplied for the visa and the officials have assured to reconsider the issue.We just hope that the officials think with the heart in this case and Sarah gets the visa to attend her best friend’s wedding this December.

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