Dear Indians Kindly Stop Expecting The Medals In Olympics

We are Indians, cricket is our religion and we are highly communal by nature. We are so obsessed with this very game that we don’t even realize the presence of other sports. We shout with utmost zeal and enthusiasm to cheer a batsman or a bowler, we stay glued to the television to watch every action of the game but we quickly move past the channels showing any other sports event. It’s the Olympics only which fetches our attention and suddenly we start expecting medals, giving a thumbs up to players on social media and again forget everything for the coming four years. We can name the whole squad of cricketers along with coach and physiotherapist but we are unaware of the players competing in Olympics till they win a medal. Huge money is invested in cricketing events such as IPL,world cup etc by the sponsors but its so difficult to find sponsors for athletes.

We Indians are always made to compete against Sharmaji’s son but the sad thing is Sharmaji’s son never pursued the sport. Our government and parents both acts in the same way and stresses on only education sports being treated as the extracurricular activity of the elite class. The dominance of grades is so much in the society that no matter how much you excel in any field your grades is the only criteria to judge your future and something your parents can take pride in. Our sports activities (If Any) ceases at the 10th standard as we are compelled towards becoming doctors, engineers, CA. We have flooded the market with engineers, CAs,MBAs, no one ever say that he or she wants to be a sports person.Our aim of life is pre-decided ,score well , choose stream, get a college,get a job and get marry we don’t even think to deviate and enter sports. Our parents are still ambiguous that a sport can be a full-time career too.

If we talk about the government they are also okay with the handful of medals we manage. They include health, education, food, power etc in the manifesto but no one talks about the sports. No one takes the task of changing the trend, no PM says that he will change the fortune in Olympics .There are many sports like the vault, air pistol, tennis, javelin throw and many more which most of the citizens don’t have access to, we see them only on television. We lack infrastructures most of the government focus goes in building the basic infrastructures such as bridges, roads ,dams etc and no one gives a damn to sport infra.

So given the conditions in which we don’t know the sports, we don’t play sports, we don’t watch sports, we don’t know the players ,we don’t cheer them,we don’t want to be in sports, our government isn’t interested in promoting the sport, our parents aren’t interested either can we still expect medals? can we still wonder over the fact that a huge population failing to grab medals?

India with a population of 1.2 billion has won only 26 medals in Olympics.

Michael Phelps from USA has alone won 25 medals in Olympics, Not bad actually we are still leading by 1.

Edit1 from our facebook fan Varun SanadhyaSanadhya-“My question is Why most of our athletes are from rural/poor background ? why is that villages in haryana have class boxing gyms and people in bengaluru are obsessing over MMA fitness classes. It all starts with us and we have to end this. Stuart binny’s son becomes a cricketer but Milkha singh’s son becomes a golfer . that’s what is wrong with us” .

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