This couple lives in Van,work half a year just to travel round the world

Traveling is such a pleasure but many just dreams and share the quotes on traveling but don’t really able to make it due to several constraints but there are couples like Lauren and Craig who just can’t stop traveling.They had overcome all the constraints just to travel.The couple belongs to the UK who have been living the Van life and traveling at 20$ a day.They have balanced their lifestyle so well which makes them easy to plan frequent trips, they work for 6 months and travel for 1 year.They buy camper vans in the countries where accommodation is costly and then sell out the van at the time of leaving.They also save money by eating out less and avoid drinking every day.The couple spends 10$ per day when they are on travel and they usually travel to the countries which have the low cost of living like Nepal, India, south east Asia, central, and South America.

This is so inspiring for the travel enthusiast, one can break free from all the shackles to embark on his/her dreamland.

Watch this Inspiring video of the couple’s life.

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