Businessman reaches bank with 7.50 lakhs change,bankers delighted

Where there is mayhem all over the country regarding getting the 500 , 1000 rupee change because of which all green 100s, 50s & 10s became a treasure in disguise overnight, a generous act came in light in Balotara city, Rajasthan where a businessman reaches bank with 7.50 lakhs change. A businessman named Bharat Goyal reached SBBJ bank with 100,50 & 10 rupee note bundle of value 7.50 lakhs.He kept those bundles in front of the bank manager.All the bank employees and manager got surprised with this act, after knowing the kind intention of the man to help the bank with the change they were delighted and paid him due respect for this kind act.

Such acts really give a boost to the administration and government which aid their move.There are all the things happening both against and in favor of the government’s demonetisation move, only time will tell the success of the move but one thing we can all do is to come up with more  such supporting acts and be optimistic .

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