An Open Letter To The Indian Judiciary From A Juvenile Sperm

Dear Indian Judiciary,
I am really grieved and hurt by the partiality which you do between “Juveniles” and “Adults” and I am writing you to make you aware about some facts as it seems you didn’t had any connection with Biology ever, though am a great fan of your’s in the field of Technology since the time you discovered a “Driver-less Car” and your command over “Human Rights” is far excellent as it reflects in the way you deal with the “Terrorists”.

Let me enlighten you with the fact that a male starts producing me at the age of around 12 years and you would be shocked to know that at this age they starts achieving erection too and it’s sad that at the age 17 years and six month you do distinction from the one who is 18 and above and it’s shocking that you allowed a 17.5 years old to walk away Scot free. Let me tell you that everything remains same nothing changes, A Juvenile has all the potential which an Adult possesses and subsequently my performance also remains the same so kindly accept the fact that a Juvenile can commit a “Rape” too and he should be treated like a rapist only with zero tolerance.I can tell you that night he didn’t give any sign of being Juvenile he was a cruel predator throughout, he had put the entire humanity to shame and i was ashamed to be a part of such beast.I don’t have a heart but still those painful cry from the innocent girl made me cry , it made the entire humanity cry that night.
If this is the Justice of  Indian Judiciary then I feel sorry for every Women in this country “God help them!”

I am afraid if someday a battalion of juveniles from “Peaceful States” would bomb you and your discrimination starts again.
Last but not the Least ” When I don’t work the Person is called “Impotent” so as any one who doesn’t” so BEWARE!

Aditya Sanadhya

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