An Anoymous Quora User Explains ‘Procedure For Applying Passport’ And It’s Worth Contemplating

A need of having a passport made me trigger a search asking ‘how to apply for a passport in India’, on the search results saw a Quora link ‘Step by step procedure for applying for a passport in India’ i read the few top answers and scrolled down for more clarity then i came across this answer written by an anonymous user and  it showcases the sad realities and flaws that exists in the system which needs to be addressed.

Here is the question & Answer:-

What is a step by step procedure for applying for a passport in India?


“just pay attention and go through all the steps which i am going to tell you

you can say its real story of mine

i belong to uttar pradesh.

step 1- apply online for passport you need to register on ministry of external affairs website then you get a registration number and password

step 2- fill all the details

step 3 -make payment online of offline at your regional passport office with your documents

step 4- after that you will get a receipt on which your file number printed

step 5- your local police headquarter receive your file within 5-7 days and they call       you at police station with 2000-3000 rupees

step 6- if you just pay that  bribe then the police submitted your file to your  regional passport office with positive report in your favour  and you will get your passport within 15 to 20 days .

Next and a honest step—–if you will not pay that 2000-3000 or may be its 1000 thousand for some police station they will take an action against you which is very painful. and please do not think that you make a call again or write any application to senior police officer sir they are asking to give some extra money (bribe )  senior officer may be SHO, circle officer(CO) , superintendent of police(SP) they just reply with  “are yaar ja ke paise de do kyu pareshan ho rahe ho  “

then they will submitted adverse report to your   file then after that you will receive a letter from you regional passport office within 1 month with a message “”your address is not verified””

and if you want to contact you regional passport office by just dial a telephone number even they are not picking your call may be you tried 30-40 times in a day after that you don’t have any option you have go there(Regional passport office which is at only one place in a state ) and just write an application to regional passport officer sir that time i am not present at my local police station or my home its just my fault so please again send my file for re-verification

and after that your file send again at your district police headquarter and now you have to give 1000 rupees for processing your file to your local police headquarter and again police asking you such a silly things submit your birth certificate ,a letter by municipal corporation and submit your adhar card so on and on

main motive  is they just want to disturbed you with these answers  okey  now you can go and come tomorrow we have some important work today ….

and again next day same thing happened.

all these process  will take 2 -3 months and of course your valuable time and effort and money also

so if you really want to apply for a passport just pay 2000-3000 and get your passport specially in utter pradesh (india) otherwise you will never receive your passport


Every common citizen of the country experiences this and no one bothers to approach the top saying ” system hi kharaab hai” but can something be done rather than giving it up? Kindly share, tweet as much as you can it might reach the right one.

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