A Muslim Girl Attacks Her Hindu Boyfriend With Acid In Bijnaur, UP

This time it happened to be a “Trend Reversal” in Which a 19 year girl named afreen threw acid on the face of Sooraj Kumar,22 after calling him to her home for her birthday party celebration.

The incident happened in bijnaur, UP on sunday, 10th Jan 2016 , Afreen invited Sooraj for her birthday party and Sooraj readily accepted the invitation being unaware of her lethal intentions, After having dinner with all her family members when Sooraj was to leave the place the girl poured acid on his face. A friend of him rushed him to the hospital otherwise she would have done more damage claimed sooraj.

Both Sooraj and Afreen  were into relationship since one and a half year and were up to tie nod but as they hail from different religion sooraj’s family member didn’t agree on the marriage and got the marriage fixed elsewhere subsequently Sooraj declined the marriage proposal made by girl and paid the price.

Sooraj is still in hospital with 50% burn injuries on face. The thing to look out for is how the law would treat the female criminal as the  crime by females is on increasing trend and it’s high time to deal the criminals equally irrespective of the gender.

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