A Brutally Honest Open Letter to Shruti Seth

Hello Shruti Seth,
First of all i want to tell you that now I know you by your full name thanks to your “brave tweet”. I could really remember you because of “Comedy Circus” yes a comedy reality show in which most of the punches and jokes were double meaning, In which women being objectified wasn’t a rare sight at all, many derogatory jokes were cracked, some on you too and i always saw you enjoying and giggling on those lame jokes, I wonder you never thought of women then?. Had you tweeted then, i would have known your “full name” well in time. Let’s now come to your brave tweet, hopefully you are fully contented with the things that went past few days. To be brutally honest i want to say that your initial tweet against PM ,let me reiterate it ” Seriously plz get above your selfie obsession Mr.PM.Be more than a photograph come on,a selfie is not a device to bring change nation needs reforms” Read that again. Before writing such tweet what have you expected? You are a celebrity, which i hope you are, so did you expect the tweet to go unnoticed and ignored? Or you expected a applauds from the people? Let me tell you it was a call for an obvious outrage and you knew it very well so your utterly shocking reactions to the mayhem doesn’t make any sense. It was like putting fire to the fuel and then crying over the casualty.
Unfortunately it was an outcome desired. Yes i agree that we all have freedom of expression but your tweet looked unnecessary,political,attention seeking,harsh etc etc.Had you tweeted on some policies of the PM it would have imparted some sense and logic to your tweet.
Now let’s come to the rationale behind your tweet. Just let me know what’s wrong with the #selfiewithdaughter campaign. Don’t you feel it can create some awareness and bond between a father and daughter in a country where we have enough instances of fathers not even looking to speak to his daughter just because she is a girl,don’t you think this campaign bring excitement and delight to the village population? OR did you just slam PM for not doing anything for women? OK FINE, just tell me what you have done? Don’t you think girl feticide and rapes can be controlled through awareness amongst citizens only? We the citizen also have responsibility to do something about it? It is really very mean and kiddish to assume that Mr. PM can do it alone. Aren’t you aware that it is illegal to abort a girl but we only bribe to get the girl aborted? So its the people who are responsible and they can only bring the change and such campaigns are small steps towards creating awareness “It’s the little things citizens do. That’s what will make the difference. My little thing is planting trees. – Wangari Maathai” I wonder how you define & fantasize “reforms” really!

Finally let’s face the truth, You took a stand on your tweet but you deleted the same. why? If you are taking a stand why you deleted the tweet? You have replied to every Tom, Dick and Harry on twitter ? Why? There was no need to do that except wishing for publicity. The motive of your tweet was clear it was just PUBLICITY earlier we have seen shehnaaz treasurywala then some Akansha Singh and now its you. you tweet a sarcastic tweet in which you thanked people for providing you the publicity that will revive your doomed career.You just end up stating the reality and not sarcasm.
“Writing controversial tweets and open letters has proved to be a boon for the ghumshuda actresses”.

PS- Am not a Bhakt!, and I may not sound good as i have expressed bluntly the reality but still truth will remain the truth.

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