9Types of friends you should be thankful to

Friends are the most precious thing that we have in our life and they contribute to us in so many ways which we sometimes realize and sometimes not and we generally don’t say THANKS in friendship but some friends deserves at least a  THANK which is practically difficult to convey so here is the list to recognise the contribution of our “buddies” to extend them a token of thanks.

1. THE Honest Critic


You might have wore a catastrophic dressing or had a accidental haircut but he/she wont get you away with it. Keep expecting the reflex insulting “Laughter” or some brutal comments ” Wahiyaad lag raha/rhi” . You might have started behaving weird or going terribly wrong in a relationship but you will be given few warning shots before you get screwed up.

Thank such honest critics which makes you aware of your imperfections which ultimately helps you to attain perfection.

2. The Adventurer


These are the ones who loves travelling and keep looking for adventure in life and just lead from the front to make a “Plan” or “Trip” and pulls you out of your routine mechanical schedule.

Thank them for infusing the adventure in the monotonous life, showing you the actual face of life.

3. The Laughter Bomb


These can explode in laughter even over a silliest of the jokes .Their reddish face, watery eyes accompanied with boisterous laugh can make you break into laughter too  irrespective of the intensity of the joke.You see them laughing most of the times which gives you positivity in life. Its really healthy to be with such friends.

Thank them for all the positivity and delight they bring.

4.The Detective


Confronting them is like taking a “Lie Detector Test” most chances are getting caught ! They can make out that you are not OKAY , they can catch you crying inside, they can catch the wrong guy/girl which you have fallen prey of and most of the time they say this..

“Maine Kaha Tha Na”

They have such great social intelligence and they have that great connection with you that in no way you can hide something.

Thank them for such strong bond and saving you from possible misfortunes.

5.The Fighters


These are the one’s who have gone through very adverse situations and had overcome by fighting it out and whenever you feel broken you look at them take inspiration to stand tall and fight out the situation.

Thank them for such perpetual Inspiration.

6.Partner in Crime

“Arey chal na kuch nahi hoga tera bhai hai na!”

“Itna kya darta hai yaar aaj to Maar hi de PROPOSE”

“Chal mere sath uski MAA @#$5 “

Thank your friend for making you partner in the crime and giving you a thrilling Lifetime memory which you can always recite to others and boast about it 🙂

7.The DATE Facilitator

Remember the one because of which your first date was possible, extend a thank for lending you his bike or money or helping you with tips and tricks 😉

8.The Fire Brigade

You are in trouble, the first person you think of? Yess he is “The Fire Brigade” and everyone needs one.

Thank them for promptly attending your query and rescuing you.

9.And last but not the least thank the ones who patiently listens to your  arguments or make a first move to strike a conversation after a FIGHT. Thank them for their spirit to stay connected. Please don’t loose precious friends “He has to speak first or she has to speak first” would only lead to loosing a friend just grab your phone and make a move 🙂 

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