9 Facts why Indian Parents ask their children to get marry soon revealed

The marriage of their children is the biggest concern of any parent in India and they want to get rid of this concern as soon as possible.Here 10 facts about Indian parents are revealed that plays a critical role to trap you in the marriage trap 😉  (img src- Indian opines)

#1. Your Parents think that “Good Girls” and “Good Boys” would extinct within a year or so so they desperately try to grab one in time.

“Ajkal achhe ladke ladki milte kaha hai!”


#2. And for them Delay means Defect.

“zaada deri nhi karte log sochenge ladke/ladki mai kuch khot hai”


#3.The marriage of your cousins and friends of your age acts as a catalyst to make your parents more apprehensive about your marriage.

“Vo sonu hai na tera friend uski shaadi ka card aaya hai… teri umra k sab shaadi kar rhe”


#4.Indian Parents are highly vulnerable to following things:

Bhuas, mamis, pados wali aunties, uncles, mausies , dadies etc

These tend to infuse the “Marriage Enzyme” into your parents mind right from a very tender age of your’s by introducing your parents with different “Rishtaas”.

Warning: No Parent is immune to “Marriage Enzyme” injected by such people 😉


#5. There are some dangerous uncle/aunties known to exist. They have collection of the stories of the people who delayed their marriage due to which they are still bachelors and every time they meet your parents they recite one of the stories from their collection.

“Mera bhatija bhi shaadi ko mana karta raha bhot rishtey aaye fir rishtey aana hi band ho gye vo abhi tak kunwara baitha hai ;)” story#1


 #6. Your parents always carry a doubt about the existence of a special person in your life <3 and there can also be a possibility where they might  think that ” You are  Gay”

Yess it’s true!


Have you ever heard this “Ajkal Zamaana kitna kharaab hai” 
There you are 😉


#7. Your criterion for selecting a girl sounds too tough to your parents and they are never sure that such girl or boy even exists and the moment they find some criterion meeting in someone they quickly attempt to grab the opportunity

” Itne nakhre na dhikha ek ladki/ladke mai sab kuch nahi  nhi milne wala”


#8. You don’t have any damn idea of how many have been deployed for the search operation of your partner and when this operation was launched would be a shock to you 😉


#9. Top Secret- Your Parents even have an eye on your social network activities so be cautious especially on uploading a pic with a girl/boy.

You might someday encounter this and your marriage process may speed up 😉

“Vo facebook pe jis ladki ke gale mai hath daalke photo hai vo ladki kaun hai?”

They would never agree with you if you ansnwer ” She izz just my friend” 😉

At last those of you who have hit the Indian age of getting marry or your facebook wall is showing many marriage updates just understand that your fate is near, your parents not gonna spare you so just enjoy your bachelorhood to the fullest 😉

By- Pratadit Kunwara

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