9 struggles that we did in 90’s

90’s is the era to which most of our beautiful childhood memories are attached be it attires,songs,products,advertisements,toys,games etc , even today a mere sight of them brings a smile on our face and we just start feeling nostalgic.If we compare it with today’s era we will see technology has created a lot of difference in terms of daily comfort and now when we look back we would realize the struggle which was then a daily routine. If you have not yet realized it or given a thought to this we have come up with almost all the struggles that we did in 90’s.People who born in  80’s would be able to relate to it more strongly.

Be prepared for a flashback…..

#1. Pictures

How many pictures do you have of our’s right from our birth to our teens? it would be less than the images you clicked in last two months. You really missed out on capturing lot moments of your life , your childhood activities you have only heard from your parents which could not be recorded and you know why?


Think of the situation where you had just 36 chances of clicking at a cost of rs 110 where the cost of the camera was itself Rs 400-Rs 600.You cannot see the preview of the photo you just had one chance of making it and rest was left over destiny.
You had to wait till all the 36 photos were clicked and you tend to decide wisely where to spend those click. You were quite hesitant to flash at some other when someone requests you to click one.After 36 clicks the photo was developed in the dark room and then finally we get to see the photos after quite a few days and it was our luck to get the perfect clicks . If it was 36 out of 36 we were extremely lucky 🙂 and the extreme unlucky situation was  not even single photo got perfect 🙁

However, the main aim of the photographs was to capture the moments for the future memory which is not the case in today’s era of facebook and twitter where the aim of clicking is to upload on social media.

“Still childhood pictures will always be more beautiful than selfies & pouts  its becoz  you never aimed for perfection, you were just living the moment”

#2. Hangouts

No Mcdonalds, No Dominos,No Pizzahut,No CCD,No Malls,No Multiplexes the only place where you go to hang out with  family was some restaurant or park or lakeside .Movies you have watched in the theaters with partitions such as “Janta, Balcony, and Box” . The tickets are to be purchased standing in the long queue because of one show at a time, more crowd  and of course No concept of online booking.


You have watched biggest blockbusters of Bollywood like DDLJ,hum aapke hain kaun,dil to pagal hai,kuch kuch hota hai,mohabbatein in such theatres. You have struggled to buy the tickets and even bought it in “black”!


The only equipment commonly present for communication were the landline phones.Imagine the situation where once you left home there was no medium of communication and  it has created a mess when it comes to searching someone and meeting someone outside the home. The phone numbers we use to write in the phonebook and search directories to find out the phone number we need.

For calling outside home or to make an STD call we had to search for STD booths


 #4. Music

The music source was the cassettes and cassette players commonly known as 2 in 1. If you want to have the songs of some twelve movies then you had to buy at least six cassettes.Music was really a bulky and costly affair.

Sometimes this shit happened …..

cassette_tape 1.1

and then you  needed this…


Understood, the connection?

Then Smile 🙂

for carrying the music of your choice you required to carry a hefty walkman which didn’t even fit into your pocket plus the bag containing cassettes of your choice. it’s all so simplified now with iPod’s and cell phones with the choice to listen to any song.


#5.When you miss an episode on TV

If you missed an episode of your favorite serial be it Chandrakanta or dekh bhai dekh or hum panch then there was no way to see it again you just had to wait for the repeat telecast if at all it is repeated.No Youtube ! No Internet!


#6.No Google

Who’s this actor which you just spotted?

Want to write an article or thesis? need photos? need study material?

The answer to every question was not at hand.You have done your schooling without Google and it would have been lot easier if Google was there to help you out.

#7 friends


There was no convenient way to be in touch with friends especially the one’s who moved away from you due to the absence of facebook, WhatsApp, mobile phones.

Do you remember those scrapbooks which we use to give to our best friends to fill out to keep the memories of friends?


You have also missed out on people that you met during travel  who could be your friends as there was no way to connect to them so there might have been many temporary crushes♥ of your’s as well among those people 😉

#8 lyrics of the song

If you wanna learn the lyrics of the song just think how you use to do it? You would pick a pen and paper and just note it down with the song being played in the cassette player or from radio if you are spontaneous enough.If the song is fast you would stop the player or rewind it at regular intervals.

#9. Movies at home

For watching a movie at home you needed to rent a VCR and cassette and the new movies takes years to come on television so there were only two option either to watch it in theatre or to rent a VCR.



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