8 New Year Resolutions We Fail To Keep Up With Every Year

It is a yearly phenomenon in which we get sway in emotions and with a pumped chest declare our new year resolution but the problem is the shelf life of such resolutions, they hardly last. So here is the list of resolutions which we miserably fail to keep up with yearlong.

#8. I would find a pretty GIRLFRIEND!

Years on Years have passed but this didn’t happen but still hope never dies!


#7. I would study every day!

But we are the one night champ we know it!


#6. I would quit SMOKING!

Yes, you do it but for 3 days.


#5. I would drink less!

Okay! you always meant less soda 🙂


#4. I would do less facebook,WhatsApp and twitter

Your thumb doesn’t obey that and somehow reach those icons .


#3. I would leave the bed early

Every morning you just forget about this!


#2. I would get slim!

The only thing you  give up is the workout and not the tasty Pizza and burger.


#1. I would hit the Gym everyday

Gym with Job is a freaking nightmare! isn’t it?


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