27 Hilarious One Liners That Indian Parents speak

By-Aditya Sanadhya

We Indians are blessed by parents who cares for us throughout our life. Parents in India have traits which differs them from the parents in other nation. Here are some hilarious one liners  which we hear from our parents just read , relate and enjoy!

The One Liners are in hindi so those who use local language can also relate to this as language and style may differ but the meaning will remain same as every parent in India thinks alike.

If anything is missed do let us know we will add it with your name 🙂


#1.Tod de sab tod de!

When you break a glass or plate 🙁

#2. Ye glass yaha kis “Gadhey” ne rakhaaaa??????

When your mother breaks it  🙂

#3.phone ko ek baar side mai rakh ke meri baat sun le aag laga dungi kabhi  is phone ko………

Just imagine the situation when you get engrossed in your phone and you just respond to your mother by humm… humm…. And the moment you hear this dialogue you get back to your senses.

#4.Ajkal bhot saamne bolne laga hai hamare zamane mai to maa baap k saamne chu hi nhi nikalti thi

Hamare zamane mai to hum ye karte the…

Hamare Zamane mai to hum vo karte the….

Hamara Zamana?? Is still a big questionmark to you!


#5.Ye kaise baitha hai tameez se baith

This makes you feel that country has achieved Independence years ago but you still haven’t achieved it 🙁

#6.Thoda ghar ka kaam bhi kr liya kar ye ghar hai dharmshaala nhi!

The most common dialogue. Many of us have not even visited a dharmshala and what we know is it’s a cool place where we don’t have to do a single work and we have full liberty.

#7.Pani GatGat pee lete ho bottle bhi bhar kar rakh diya karo saari zimmedari meri hi hai kya!!!

The herculean task is to fill fridge bottles in the summer season. We all fail at this tasks and then comes this dialogue!

#8.Ye cricket se zindagi nhi chalne wali TUMHARI….

Are you a hardcore cricket fan? Yes then you must have heard this when you return home after playing cricket

#9.Jo cheez  jaha se uthate ho waha fir se kyu nahi rakhte??? ???

Ye to ajtak hum sabhi ko samaj nhi aaya ki hum jo cheez jaha se uthate hai use wapas ussi jagah kyu nhi rakh pate???


#10.Ye kaise kapde pehne hai chaar log dekhenge to kya kahenge

I am still searching for those “Chaar log”. Kaha hai vo chaar log?

angry-child 2


#11.Jain Uncle ke yaha chalna hai mana mat karna!

This is socialization by coercion. I still haven’t understood why am I forced to meet Jain uncle?????


#12.sharma ji k bête ko dekh kuch seek usse.


This Sharmaji’s son has messed up your life. Every time he gets some achievement you gets into trouble, the comparison starts and every time you commit something wrong  you are recalled about his achievements.

Why? Why? Why?

Have a look below.


#13.kaha ja rha hai?Kon Kon jaa rhe ho? Kyu jaa rha hai? Vapas kab aayega?

You just think “Itne question to CID bhi nhi puchhti hogi”

#14.koi kaam pura nhi sunta pata nhi lyf mai kya karega!!

Sometimes you also wonder that the mistake of bringing 1kg aloo instead of 2kg would make a connection to your life.

#15. bolu….. bolu ye baat tere papa ko??? Aane de unhe!

The Brahmastra that every Indian mother has! This is the most horrendous dialogue we hear from our mother and suddenly it infuses adrenaline rush inside us and our behavior changes 😉

#16.Thoda ghar grahasti ka kaam bhi seek le sasural jayegi to kya karegi

In India, every parent just assures that their daughter should have thorough knowledge about “Ghar Grahasthi work”. All men should thank them for their initiative 🙂

#17.Itna dimaag padhai mai lagaya hota to pata nhi aaj kaha hota.

If you are average in studies then Getting totally engrossed and work diligently for a task of your interest is also a crime 🙁

#18.Isko or chhote kapde nhi mile. Ye ajkl k bachhe bhi bigadte jaa rhe

The expert comment mother gives when she sees a girl in short dressing, very awkward situation in which we are adoring the dressing inside and our mother is hitting hilarious phrases after phrases and we finally stop her say “ Ye ajkal ka fashion hai”

#19.zara tanki mai chadd k dekh kitna pani hai or  kam ho to motor chala dena!

The common thing which every boy is asked to do in India .


#20 .Chalo paav chhuo sabke! Ye bhi kehna padta hai har baar!

This is a sort of exercise which our parents make us do in a social gathering. Imagine touching feets  of 15 people whom you don’t know at all in one go.

We all are reluctant to go into the area where a “MOB” of relatives present along with your mother  just to avoid “touching feet” and your mother calls you there and ask you to touch everyone’s feet ,“Tu inko pehchanta?” and you just look at your mother with a white blank face and then the introduction starts  

“ vo apne indore wali mami hai na?” you are still staring with a blank face “ Ye unki mausi ki sister  ke jo husband hai unki  mummy hai”  you simply Nod your head just to end the conversation but you are still as blank as in the start of conversation.

#21.Bittu ka phone aaya tha usne apni wali facebook pe foto dale hai vo teri wali facebook pe dikh jayenge? Mujhe   dikha  de

Most of the Indian parents right now are not techno savvy and we hear something like this.

#22.Beta!TV ke andar hi ghus kai baith ja! Aankhen fod lo itni pas se tv dekh k .

How uncomfortable we feel when we are forced to sit 7-8 feets away from television 🙁

#23.Kitna dubla ho gaya hai khata peeta kyu nhui kuch?

Every time you meet your mother she says the same dialogue, by this you should have disappeared till now 🙂

#24.Ek baar mai phone kyu nhu uthate? Ye phone rakhte kisliye ho apne pas?

The biggest crime is committed when you miss a call from your home. According to them You missed a call that means You are drunk or You met with an Accident or You are being Kidnapped orYou are dead .

#25.Time pe shaadi kar le, zaada nakhre mat kar, Is umar mai to hamare tu paida ho gaya tha!

Shaadi Shaadi Shaadi they  would keep trying  in convincing you for Shaadi once you get into the job and you would hear such dialogues.


#26. Paise ped pe nhi ugte, khud kamaoge tab pata chalega.

This dialogue ends every possibility of receiving money from your Dad which  you need to buy some gadget or something.

#27. Ye jo facebook pe jis ladki ke gale mai haath dalke photo khichwai hai vo kaun hai???

It’s a problem when our parents are connected to us on facebook and we are confronted with such question.  Universal reply “Mere sath padhti hai dost  hai ;)”


-By Aditya

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