25 Types of Facebook users , Do you have them?

As there are numerous type of people in the world here we have identified different type of people on facebook world  and categorized them .Over 25 categories has been identified just go through them and pick your’s and your Friends category.Do let us know in comments if any category is left out.

1.The Broadcasters

“Good Morning!” ” had a wonderful breakfast” “Nothing to wear” “Stucked in Jam” “Listening song” “Having coffee” “getting bored”

These people would even let the world know that they just went into the loo. There update is so particular and regular that the reader can actually reach out to provide them towel in time if they read the status of having bath.


2. The Heartbreakkids

“Hazaron dard diye hai is duniya ne”

It seems that they are the epicenter of all the sorrow in this world. These people are either betrayed in love or god has betrayed them.

You can feel the pain in their status. They always post painful status and blame a person without revealing the person .

“Beware of the pseudoheartbrokens” they just need your attention nothing else!


3. The Velagamers

This is the most dangerous species on facebook .They have all the time to try out different games on facebook and they consider everyone alike. They keep irritating people by sending requests. They are being threatened of crushing their candies or shoot at sight  but they are still fearless.


4. The Selfiedelfies

These  people consider themselves very photogenic. They change their profile pics very frequently ,their favourite places of clicking selfies are lifts, washrooms, office to be precise wherever there are clean mirrors. This category mostly include girls could be two or three girls with tongue out or pout or many more expression which can’t be thought of.


5. The Photofumblers

Yes! they have a DSLr and they are now a world class photographer. In their gallery you can find pics of them with DSLR’s(Clicking photo pose) , pics of only DSLR, pics of the concerned accessories, pics of birds, sky, sun, moon ,landscape,water,leaf,insects etc . They keep waiting for an event where they could carry their DSLR  but they are generous enough to click the photos of their friends and tag them.


6. The soccersuckers

Are you seeing one or two soccer match update on your wall while scrolling .Spot him he is the “Soccersucker”. The Soccersuckers   could be found boasting a European club , they keep updating about club matches even if not even 5% people are following soccer in their friendlist. Fifa world cup is like festival for them its a season of being active on facebook , they have the flag of theirs favorite American or European team as their profile pic.


 7. The Mahagyanis

These people are the source of all the current affairs   and political environment. They are the strong supporter of a particular political party. These people attracts more gyanis in their comments .

“Most of the girls have no idea of what they (Mahagyanis) write but simply like their status”.


8. The Tagparasite

Is there someone who tags you and atleast 40 people in his status and photos to which you are not at all associated? These people just try to obtain likes by tagging others .The sad part is even after tagging so many they just receive 10 likes or may be 20. Most of the time they tag people on their profile  pic.

9. The Status-chor

These people always post the status by stealing it from the walls of others . The intention of these people is mainly to take credit of the status. The people who mention “Courtesy” or “#copied” in their postscript are exempted from the category.

These people post status very frequently  and doesn’t care about how many people are liking it. Research on these type of people is still on at Vela International University 😉


10. The LoLvas and LoLvis

These people rarely update any status they just share other status. ‘LoL’  is their most loved word  in fact  it is the most helping word  .They everytime gets speechless when they find some humorous stuff worth sharing or commenting and they end up writing ‘Lol’ everytime .Actually   to them ‘Lol’ means “Lack of Lines” not “Lot of Laughter”.

Wait they know three more words “Imao, Rofl and hahahaha!”


11. The #hashbashers

#These #people #don’t #need #discription #they #are #fond #of #making #everything #public.



 12. The Songhonkers

Its ok that these people are listening to a track but why are they updating it on facebook? Are they enjoing song or doing facebook?What exactly do they want? Should I also listen to the same track? Or is there something he/she wants to tell to someone in the freindlist through the song lyrics? .No one has any idea about “Songhonkers”.


13. The prettylikebankers

This category  goes to all the pretty ladies. The likes on their pics ranges from 200-1000.The comments ranges from 100-500.They are very generous in acknowledging people for liking and commenting.40% of the comments are of acknowledgement in the form of “thanx”.

‘cutebitch’ ’u luk soo hot’ ‘Sexyyyy’ bla bla bla.Neither people get bored of posting same comments nor they acknowledging the same way.


14. The Local-lingolites

These people have so much love about their local language that they keep posting their status,photos and other stuffs in local language. You have to ask them to translate if you are curious.


15. The Atibhavuks

These people gets very emotional on facebook .They posts eyewatering status for friends and relatives. The most hilarious one’s are for mom and dad in a superlative English.

Note: Neither mom and dad have facebook account nor they are comfortable with the English of that standard 😉


16. The Adventurers

It seems all the strange things happens with these people only. They post real incidents everytime. They pose themselves as highly adventures and happy being on earth. They search happiness in small thing and expresses  it through fb status.


17. The Humourdisasters

These people try their best to be humorous but they end up terribly. They make attempt after attempt in the hope that ppl might not be liking but laughing.


 18. The CRockstar

These people wants to be Rockstar just by posting their pics in rockstar look with a guitar in hand. They are very good in photo editing you can find “Rockstar” “Cool Dude”  “Attitude” text on their pics. They also modify their name to suit Rockstar but with all these efforts they just manage the tag of “Crockstar”.


19. The Creativegems

These people are very creative, they posts original stuffs like poems, pj’s, sircasms etc.They have proved their creativity in their real life and no one can doubt their creativity.


20. The Ghumshudas

Sometimes you also wonder at a person that is he/she added to you.These ‘Ghumshudas’ just make a fb account and the get so busy in their life that they forget about it. Once in a year they might turn up and you might see them updating their profile picture.


21. The Dumbpromoters

Oh my god this drink has got hiv virus or that biscuit has worms or stop using that soap it contains larva. These people are very quick in sharing such stuffs and they don’t investigate it before sharing.


22. The Newscorrespondents

“y” is being hanged, “X is no more” .They are really fast in updating breaking news on fb. They wanna be the first to tell the world.


23. The Marriagecorrespondents

Even if you are not invited to the marriage of some friend you would get complete update of every events like mehndi,sangeet, baraat, reception.These people keep posting the news with photographs. They  can irritate you!


24.The Airportlovers

“Feeling excited at indira Gandhi International Airport”, “feeling sad at Pune international airport”. These people have special connection with airports because they get all the feelings only at International Airports.


 25. The Poliovictims

TheSe pEoPlE  JuZZz WaNnaaa sHoww Euuuu dAt tHeY aRe  cOoL  DoNN MeSSS WId Demm.

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