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-By Varun 

You might have heard about the persons everyone desire to be ,have you heard of the persons who you don’t ever want to be , here are those person types identified and if anything is missed do let us know.

#1.A non certified all field critic

iphone 6  got nothing,Virat kohli needs to work on his mental strength,if you would have set shutter speed to 150 miles/hour the picture would have been better.No my dear friend only experts have the right to be a critic.

#2.A boy with no boys as friends.

boy with girls

Bhai panga ho gaya, abey ******* khane chalega, Bhabhi he tumhari, ye teri wali vo meri wali. If you dont hear it or say it. you are missing something precious.

#3.I Dont eat Maggi.

Starve or start liking it . This is emergency relief package and you can’t say no it .

#4.Owner of a dead laptop:

Lappy kharab he yaar,Dabba  he dabba, phek de kahin, OLX pe bach de .It is your limb and if it is not functional this is what you don’t want to happen.

#5.Only one to submit assignment in class:

Today is the submission date let us not submit many have not done, and you go and submit . You’ll be hated by everyone.

#6.A couch Potato:


Every one wants a well toned body no one wants to be a fat lazy creature but it requires workout and controlled eating which we always think of starting from tomorrow 🙂

 #7.An employee under a dumb boss:

Me: Sir i have this idea . If we implement this random shit it will surely increase productivity.

Boss: No we dont want to implement this random shit bcos if we improve productivity we will produce more and we dont have space in our warehouse.

Me : WHAT A SHIT..!!

#8.Someone who doesn’t Fall in love:

I am not a relationship guy, It is not gonna workout,I am a emotionless creature. If you use it you are messing it up .you dont fall in love but you are liked by many.This is a pit you jump inside and then no matter how hard you try coming out is hard.


“Aunty Police bula legi , safai karlo aunty rula degi, aunty aag laga degi , aunty watt laga degi, Aunti this, aunty that ……………”. you dont want to be this aunty whose aim was to become a prison warden but with the turn of events she is now taking care of  renters.


Someone cracks a joke you laugh and then joke is not the focus you are. Happens all the time but laughing you hear out is good .you are liked by people but you are always a part of d joke..:P


#11.One who writes diary and doesn’t know how to keep it safe:

You provide great entertainment to you friends . either you stop writing or learn to keep it safe.

#12.Cleanliness freak:

Always angry , always fristrated, always working in the house. you love to clean the house but others don’t. Biggest tragedy of life.

#13.One who doesn’t return Cricket balls to kids :

If someone hit cricket ball in your house and you dont return it back . all you good deeds will be washed away with what the kids will say about you. You’ll be hated by kids FOREVER nd EVER…

#14.The most notorious one:

Even if someone attacks american president even then my teachers will think i did that.For every action  there is an equal and opposite reaction but in your case reactions are far more in number than action. we have sympathies for you.

#15.Blind in love:

LOving someone is great but getting ruined in love is not. See the world with eyes wide open . Finding love with eyes open is easy

#16.A Narcissist:

A Narcissist is a person who is excessively preoccupied with personal adequacy, power, prestige and vanity, mentally unable to see the destructive damage they are causing to themselves and to others in the process.


#17.A helpless spectator:

There are so many things happening like molestations, rape, theft, murders, kidnapping, bullying If anything wrong happens we don’t want to be a helpless spectator and we always wish that we don’t ever confront such situations.

#18.A Super Geek:


Studying is okay but only studying and not doing anything else is a serious problem. You don’t wanna be the person with a high power lenses ,horrible dressing, who don’t like to roam, have fun with friends, who don’t have any hobby except studying and reading, who don’t wanna see any colors of life.


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