18 Deadly Connects to Bollywood Songs which will blow your mind

Statutory Warning :- Plz read at your own Risk, You might commit suicide after reading #11 and #12

You have heard of bollywood songs but do you know these facts about theses songs?here are some deadly connection listed about bollywood songs which you haven’t thought of ever .Some you might have heard of  and some are fresh. It will completely take you off the seat.

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# 1.Aisa konsa song hai jisme  “Inernet explorer” ka  zikra hai?

Hint-The actress also accepts that she is ‘Internet Explorer’



aja shaam


Ans- This song from maine pyar kiya-

Aja shaam hone IE…. 

Mausam ne li angd IE…

Fir kis baat ki hai lad IE……

Actress-Tu chal mai IE….. 😛


#2  Which is the song in which  heroine talks about the “LOO” again and again?



Ans- The song from the movie “LOO-TERA”


sawar loo

#3 Do you know that in this song from Ashiqui 2 the actress was a ‘male’ and the hero again and again revealed in the song?



Kyunki tum ” HE” ho

bas tum “HE” ho

Zindagi ab tum “He” ho




#4 Tappu was attending a lecture suddenly he felt hungry so he went to the college canteen and took “Pav-Bhaji” as soon as he took pav in his hand to eat he saw “Jannat” written on the plate

Now tell me what the name of Tappu’s Sir?





Ans- Name of Tappu’s Sir is “Ishq ki chhav”


Jinke  ‘Sir ‘ ho ‘Ishq ki chhav’

‘Paav’ ke niche ‘Jannat’ hogi… 😛




#5 Which is the song that has description of both “LOO” and “PEE”?


think now you must ans


Ans- The song from the movie ” Once upon a time in Mumbai”-

“Pee Loo” Tere Neele Neele Naino Se Shabnam,
“Pee Loo” Tere Geele Geele Honto Ki Sargam,
“Pee Loo” Hai Peene Ka Musam,


#6. Which song did “Naag” sang for “Naagin” after a romantic smooch?



Ans- ” Zeher hai ke Pyar hai tera chumma” 😛




#7 Monty Jhonty and bunty were watching cricket match

Monty said if India win i’ll throw a party , India won the match

Jhonty and bunty asked for the party

Monty lifted bunty and threw him, why????



Ans- Because ” Party to Bunty hai” 😛


#8 Three cockroaches were walking on the road , one of the cockroach sings  ” aaj blue hai pani pani pani ………..or din bhi sunny sunny sunny sunny………”

All three cockroaches die…….why???



Because song was “Hit” 😛

Hit Champion Mosquito



#9. I love it when my sony smartphone hangs and creates problem




Ans- Because “Sony de nakhre sone lagde  menu Sony de nakhre sone lagde”:P


#10. Anil Kapoor has patented hyundai verna years ago




Ans- Heard of this song -Keh do ki tum meri ho “Verna”





#11. Do you know In the Movie “Deewana”  shahrukh has gifted an Air conditioner, A Deewan and a ghee ka Dabba to divya bharty and she got impressed

 as she has never seen these things before in her life and she expressed her happiness through this song


see how



“AC- DEEWAN-GHEE” dekhi nhi  kabhi maine isliye……:P




#12. Do you have a dirty rusted steel jug ?

         Do you want to get it cleaned?



       see how you can  clean it

Just give a flying kiss to the jug continuously it would definitely get cleaned up               automatically


You don’t trust it?  It is evident in this song..



” JUG  Saara JUG  saara Nikhar Gaya, Hud Pyar Hawa de vich bikhar gaya” :P…..no         need  to  thank me credit goes to pritam.




#13. Which is the most mathematical song in bollywood….




Ans- ” Jab mila tu root 2 root 2″ 😛

2 root 2


one more(by riju maurna) – which is a sankrit song in bollywood?



Ans- Yaar mere Yaara mere Yaaram ,Tune dil churaya mere Yaaram 😛


#14. Can anyone tell why Abhishek Bachhan is in need of sisters????



Ans- In the song ” Behene de mujhe Behene de” he has demanded of “Behene” again and again…



#15. What song did the male mosquito sang after having a romantic smooch with female Mosquito?



This tym you must answere 



Ans-” Lahu muh lag gaya…………”


#16. Why did TATA NANO sale dipped?



Ans- Because of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan


NANO was announced in the year 2006 and at the same time Omkara was released in 2006

and through one of the song in Omkara Rahat fateh ali khan did negative publicity of NANO , the song was- ”

NANO ki mat maniyo re……

NANO ki mat suniyo….

NANO ki mat Takiyo re…..

NANO thagg lenge……. 😛


#17. Have a look at this song from kaho na pyar hai……….


kyun chalti hai pawan.avi_000270645


Kyon chalti hai pawan, Because of evaporation.

Kyon jhoome hai gagan, Because of earth’s revolution.

Kyon machalta hai mann, Because of excessive respiration.

Na tum jaano na hum. But I just gave all the reasons!

Kyon aati hai bahaar, Because of a change in season,

Kyon lutata hai karaar, Because of mental tension.

Kyon hota hai pyaar, Because of pole attraction.

Na tum jaano na hum. Like I said,these are all science phenomenon!

Kyon gum hai har disha, Because you have a poor sense of direction.

Kyon hota hai nasha, Because of drug addiction.

Kyon aata hai mazaa, Bcoz science gives us all the information.

Na tum jaano na hum. I did my best to explain, now just give up.


#18. ” Panna ki tamanna hai ki heera mujhe mil jaye”

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