15 things that only skinny people will understand

There are many things faced by skinny people in India,we have identified some  to which most skinny people can relate to :

1.You eat too much as compared to others with a single vision of getting fat and your good friends know about your too much eating.eating-too-much-ashx

      2. Your friends make fun of you just given a chance and you just smile away to show that  you are not hurt but it did hurt you.

Some ASSH***S also asks you whether you are drug addict or do too much of MASTURB****N

SLAP THEM D NEXT TIME………dil-chahta-hai-friendship-movie

3. “Kitna Dubla ho gaya hai” You have adapted yourself from hearing this line again and again from your relatives  whenever you meet them as if you were healthier earlier.


    4. It’s uphill task for you to search clothes of your fitting, getting clothes stitched seems a                  convenient option for you.


 5.Its always difficult for you to choose what to wear as you always want to wear  something in which you don’t look skinny.new-mens-t-shirts-elastic-skinny-cotton100

6. You always require a belt to wear a jeans and you use the last hole of the belt.


  7.In car,taxi, auto you are the only one to adjust in between.


 8.You cannot wear bracelets,chains or big watches as they don’t suit your skinny hand.


        9.It gives you immense happiness when you hear it from someone “tu mota ho gaya                     hai!” or when your clothes gets tight.


  10. There is always someone like this who is much concerned about your skinniness   and keeps giving you tips to get fat.friend

11. Banana and milk is your favorite breakfast and ray of hope.


 12.“Heredity” and age k saath health ban jayegi are the two things to save your ass.

13. You have tried every tonic and powder suggested by people.

            dabur-ashwagandha-churna-dietary-supplement Gold-Standard-Best-Whey-Protein-Powder-Chocolate-Mint

14. You have been tired of getting onto weighing machine and seeing same weight    everytime


 15. You have hit the gym in the hope of getting fat but of no use.










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