15 Reasons to fall in love with Lucknow

Situated on the banks of River Gomti, Lucknow remains one of the most sophisticated and preserved cultures of the Indian subcontinent, the kingdom of Awadh. Not only does this lovely city offers great travel experience but also enchants with some of its great offerings. Below we have listed 14 reasons to absolutely fall in love with the City of nawabs.


1. Because It has the most iconic skyline


2. Because Lucknow is one of the most linguistically charged city in India, You can find ‘Saaf urdu’ hand in hand with ‘Shuddh Hindi’




3. Lucknow also holds an answer to the Big Ben – It has ‘The Clock Tower’



4. Because in Lucknow you can eat pretty much anything at any time!


5. Because here innovation and tradition coexist beautifully


 6. Because Lucknow has Chikankari! which is famous around-the-world.


 7. Because ’shayeri’ and ‘ghazals’ still have a place here



 8. Tundey kebab…. The name is enough! Right from politicians to celebs everybody stops here!


 9. Because a walk around Lucknow’s Hazratganj market will make you forget malls! LITERALLY. Go ganjing!



 10. It is going along with the times. The growing pub culture will make sure that you won’t miss the metropolitan feel.



 11. Lucknow endorses family of Kebabs right from- Kakori Kebabs, Shami Kebabs, Boti Kebabs, Patili-ke-Kababs, Ghutwa Kebabs and Seekh Kebabs.




 12. Lucknow has Meetha Paan – A wide variety of delicate paan which leaves you with sweet taste and lingering fragrance.

‘Lucknow aye aur paan nahi khaya toh kya khaak Lucknow aye?’



 13. The Cycle Rickshaw rides- Unlike other cities, in Lucknow cycle rickshaws are allowed everywhere!

Cycle-rickshaw with a load of ten schoolchildren. New Delhi, India


 14. Lucknow some of the most amazing monuments here…..



 15. Lucknowites are known to be really courteous people. Once you come to the city you will actually feel that ‘pehle aap’ and ‘Aadab’ etiquettes.



-By Zara Ali

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