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 By- Aditya Sanadhya

“Ek Cup Chai Ki keemat tum kya Jaano chai nhi peene walon!”

One among the few good things that we got from the Britishers is “Tea”. Tea is a part of life and has become a social etiquette. There are people who have made special connection with this beverage and that connection is to the heart, mind and soul and these people are called #truetealovers so this article is dedicated to all the “Tea Lovers” . If you are able to connect to below mentioned points you are definitely a “true tea lover”.


#1. A bed tea is a must for the day to start. You badly miss the bed tea if you are not fortunate enough to get it.

 A bed tea is an eye opener for you in the morning without it you continue to feel drowsy 🙂


#2. You have your own “special tea <3 <3” which you prepare yourself  for you and for others . You have a special preference for taste like adhrak wali chai,elaichi wali chai, kali mirch wali chai ,tulsi wali chai, zaada dudh wali chai,  kam dudh wali chai, khada chammach chai etc etc.


#3. There is no time to have a tea you can have it any hour of the day 24*7. You find it very awkward when people denies tea offered to them saying “Abhi just Khana khaya  hai”, you still haven’t understood the relation between“Chai  and Khana”.


 #4Itni garmi mai chai”

    “chai peeke neend nhi  aayegi”

    “chai peeke bhuk mar jayegi”

 All the above statements are redundant for you.


#5. A bad tea is enough to ruin your mood. Its tough  time to travel especially in train as most of the time you get tea is of pathetic taste and that destroys your mood.


#6. You don’t fall in too much formality in denying a  tea offered by someone rather most of the  times you end up saying“adhi cup chal jayegi” 😉


#7. You feel delighted when you get a perfect tea  matching your taste from a dhabewala or thadi  wala or tapri and you can’t resist complementing  “bhot                   achhi chai banayi!”


#8. Your close friends knows this habit of tea addiction  and you might have fetched the names  like “Ketli” or  “Tanker”.They really wonder as how come one can have this much tea in a day!


#9. (At home)You like to have tea filled up to the brim  of the cup and you really don’t like  when you get a  cutting chai or cup not fully filled .Some people also reserves a jumbo size cup to have tea.


#10. A tea with garam pakodas or bhajiye in rainy  season or winters is a heavenly pleasure for you.

     This would be your last wish if god asks you for one!


#11. You really wonder at the people who don’t drink  the tea at all and it makes you think  how come they  survive without tea. you also have encountered  people who haven’t tasted tea yet. Yes you consider  them highly unfortunate 😉


#12. There is definitely someone amongst your family or friends whose tea is your favorite and you visit  them just to have tea 🙂


#13. when you meet someone like you who is also fond of tea makes you feel extremely happy and you make good friendship with them too 🙂


14. There is always a good friend(another tea lover) who accompanies you to college canteen or office canteen to have frequent dose of tea.

“Chal chai peekar aate hai”


#15. Accept It! Watching merely a Tea advertise or watching someone having tea over television invokes a desire to have Tea in you.


#16. By simply looking at the texture of the tea you can predict its taste. ” Yes! You are a true tea lover”.

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Cheers (with a tea filled cup) 🙂

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