12 Things That People Working In Bangalore Will Relate To

Bangalore being an IT hub with immense job opportunities has professionals from all over the country working in huge numbers. There are few things that everyone working in Bangalore comes across , here’s such 11 things to recall different colors of the city and relate.


1.Should have opened a tea shop instead :

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Tea Shops here are so crowded that none of us can resist the thought of giving up the job and opening a tea shop. GINGER TEA IS LIFE.


2. Silk board or Silk Route?


Silk board is so jammed that it makes us wonder if Chinese, Turks, Persians and Indians are using this road for trade and that too at the same time. We are now very well familiar with “Work from car or bus” option :p


3.Fixing a meeting  is hell difficult.


Because we are so stuck in traffic we find it really hard to meet people. And wait, it saves money too  😛

4.“Aur kya hona ?”

When aunty owning the general store asks “ Aur kya hona ?” we don’t react late we already  know it means “Aur kya chahiye ?”. It actually sounds correct now “Aur kya hona”.

5.It is important to have a good memory

If you can’t remember, boy you are going to lose a lot of money in city buses. Most of the times Conductors here do not return change immediately, you have to ask for it while getting down the bus.

6.“Bega Bega Maadi”

Now this is a must know, probably the most common thing you’ll hear. It means “jaldi jaldi karo “and we learn it very quickly, if we are working in a non- English environment.

7.Breakfast is important

For local people “Tiffen (Breakfast) ho gya?” is a greeting more than a question. We answer it multiple times in the morning. So when working in Bangalore make sure you don’t skip breakfast because you’ll be asked by many about it and if the answer is no! brace yourself for few more questions.

8.We get a lot of travel invitations.

Friends going to Munnar, Pondicherry, Ooty, Kodaikanal, Hampi ,Gokarna and Goa always ask us to join them as “Bangalore to pass me hi he, tu bhi aa jana”.

9.Electronic city road and Bannergatta road should be two different cities.

Parallel roads but they both feel too different. One feels comfortable only on one of it.

10.“MBA kar lu kya ?”

When we pass by Christ, NIFT or Jyoti Nivas college we always think “MBA kar lu kya ?”

11.”Awesome weather hai?’

Most of the people who ask you about location say this and this is something which makes you forget the pain of traffic and overpriced accommodation and food.

12. Shelter Home

You have to provide shelter to your friends and relatives during his/her “job search struggle”. Sometimes your stay gets so occupied that it looks exactly like a shelter home providing food, accommodation and in worst situation clothes too.

Ab dosti mai itna to banta hai :p


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