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Indore; A city of “Good people” and “Good Food”. A central power city situated in Madhya Pradesh, Indore exerts a significant impact upon commerce, finance, media, art, fashion, research, technology, education, and entertainment and has been described as the commercial capital of the State.

You will fall in love with the city from the moment you enter here. People here are very welcoming. Indore boasts of a true cosmopolitan city culture with multiethnic and multilingual people.

Indore is famous for its food, bet you find one street without any food stalls and people all over that “shopwala/ thelewala”…

Try and tell an Indori that you’re full.. His typical dialogue would be

 ” Are abhi toh apne kuch khaya hi nahi hai”

I do not need to give you many reasons to fall in love with this magical city, few reasons are enough…….



It totally deserves to be on top, as it’s in our blood….

Wherever we go, for us breakfast= Poha+Jalebi… aha and yes..Jeeravan 😛

#2.Because, we believe if you don’t like to eat, your existence doesn’t count…


Bhuttakees, sabudana-khichdi, Pani-Puri, Chaat, CholeTikki, AalooTikki,  and the list goes onnnn..

 “Get Ghamandi with Ghamandi Lassi !”

 Welcome to the city of gourmets, people… If you love good food, it’s a place for you!

 #3.Sarrafa Bazaar

 “Indore aaye Aur sarrafa nhi gye to kya aaye”

Josji Dahi Bada at Sarrafa








Sarrafa Bazaar and its 56 shops have featured in a travel documentary on discovery.

Sarrafa Bazaar (Jewelry market), don’t just go by the name , during the day it is jewelry market and during the night it is chat bazaar. Food vendors set up eateries along the roadside the variety include samosas, kachoris, Pani puri, pav bhaji, chhole tikiyas, sabudana ki khichdi, maalpua and poha to name a few.

Must meet this guy at ‘Joshi Dahi bade’, he has his own style of sprinkling the masalas in dahi badas, he sprinkles 5 different masalas in a single pinch and toss the dahi badas in air like a magician, do interact with him and get to see his magic, he is very friendly 😉

Joshi dahi bade indore


It’s a perfect destination for street food lovers and for those who are a diehard foodie, just visit here once before you die…

 Sarrafa has been featured many times on discovery channel in travel-related documentaries and in national media too.

#4.Because, we Party like crazy BOSS!

image009 image010

Indoris party like crazy… We do not wait for weekends, we party every day !!!

 #5.Because, we were never ruled by Britishers,


Indore madhe Holkarani ingrazanna kadhichrajya karu dile naahi… .

 #6.Because, we are the first city to have both IIM and IIT

image012 image013

#7.Because you can roam around the city in an absolute lavish way, with almost negligible cost.


It starts at only 5rs for AC buses!

#8.Because, we are known as Mini-Mumbai


 Be it the malls, food joints, fashion… we are no less than Aamchi Mumbai!

Indore holds the record of most numbers of malls in central India ,Treasure Island, Mangal City mall, Indore Central mall, C21 mall, Malhar mega mall, Orbit mall are very well known.

 #9.Because, we have trend-settersimage016 image017

These ladies have their own fashion house chains; they are pretty and fashionable….

 #10.Because we are a “lively City”


Be it Food Markets or clubs, we are open till 4 in morning…. you would love to be in city, if you are a night person….!!!


#11.Johny Hot Dog

  • image020

Trust me people, he serves the best hot dogs and Benjos in town…..

Edit-#12.Because We have the most beautiful girls in town…..

  • image021


P.S. this one only for boys

Sorry guys, no preview for this one..:P

You must visit and check it out…. 😉


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