11 Myth busters about Himachal

By- Shiven Sen

Himachal Pradesh is one of the best tourist destinations India has. It is also called as the Devbhoomi Himachal which means the place where the Gods and Goddesses reside. This holds true as many temples in the state. Almost every hill has one temple on its top. However, there are few myths about Himachal which are till date famous for no reasons. And I thought there is no better medium than the internet to connect to the youth of the country and clear those off. After all, you might have stayed back at home listening to those stories and never been to Himachal. I hope after reading this one trip to Himachal should be on your to-do list 

1. No snow 24*7*365

Not all Himachal is a snow land. Himachal has many places which see plenty of snowfall but there are places which see the temperature above 35 degrees in summers too. One thing to find water below 0 degrees for 365 days a year is definitely refrigerator.
The fact holds true for Shimla too!

2. Not just Apples and Potatoes

Apple is not the only fruit we eat and have seen in our orchards. We also love mangoes and oranges also. We eat rice, roti and other pulses just like most of Indians do.

3. Not every youth has smoked a joint in his childhood and its not that easily available

We have spent our childhood just like yours and our moms are as strict for these things as you imagine yours for this. The state vigilance for these things is at par with the National laws.

4. Malana and Manali are two different places.

Malana and Manali are 70 km far from each other. From the geographical degrees to the lifestyle everything is different.

5. Not all parts of Himachal stay disconnected from the national Highways and can be visited any month of the year.

Most parts stay connected through roads for 12 months in a year. Few are not which makes the headlines. There are roadways bus addas as we have in other states.Our State roadways buses take you through any terrain. That’s why we say HRTC (Himachal Roadways Transport Corporation) rocks and we boast about it.

6. Not only 3 tourist places.

Kullu Manali and Shimla are not the only tourist destinations. Dharamshala, Dalhousie,Chamba valley, Kinnaur, Chitkul are few of the many I want you to be aware of.

7. There are parks and playgrounds for children to play and not only steep hills for goats and shepherds

We do have hills and mountains but we are equally good while in playing games and have playgrounds to play.

8. Himachal is different from Uttranchal.

For god’s sake get your basic knowledge right. Uttranchal and Himachal are two different states and you aspire to be on the hot seat of Kaun Banega Crorepati.

9. Not every child is married in his early teens

Child marriage is not a common practice in Himachali and is equally punishable as by law in any other part of the country. Yeh Jawani hai Diwani is a great movie but the marriage of a young girl happening behind Deepika and Ranveer isn’t an often sight. At least in my 27 years, I never saw one.

10. Traditional dresses don’t make 100% of our wardrobes but we keep them for special occasions.

We love to dress fashionable and trendy like any other youth in the world and not every time you would see a Himachali wearing a traditional Himachali dress. There are branded outlets like any other city in India. We keep traditional dresses in our wardrobes for special occasions and for the legacy they have carried along with them.

11.One thing you all guess right is Himachali’s are sweet,kind, loving and generous people.

Seldom will you come across a Himachali who won’t have these traits, I hope that Himachali is reading this and would change for the pride of the state.


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